Get To Know ChappyWrap

Tan, pink and green patterned blankets laying over a white wooden bannister

ChappyWrap × Pepper Home is the perfect blend of style and comfort. It was a dream to collaborate with another female-founded company, and we hope the mutual love is apparent in these irresistibly stylish, downright snuggly designs. Follow along to learn a little more about the family-run company and what makes a Chappy so special! 


Hi Christina! First off, tell us a little bit about ChappyWrap and where the idea came from!

ChappyWrap was founded by my mom Beth, and was inspired by a family blanket she grew up with and then passed down to my brother and me. It was everyone’s favorite blanket – the perfect size, weight, quality and durability – but we could never find something to replace it, even after searching for years. We always joked we needed to start a blanket business and in 2006, my mom did just that. I joined her in 2018 to help her rebrand and grow the business, and we became a family-run company.

Two photos side by side; one of a brunette woman standing with her hands in her pocket with a tan turtleneck sweater; right photo of a woven basket holding rolled up blue patterned blankets


How did ChappyWrap get it's name?

ChappyWrap got it’s name from Chappaquiddick, a small island off of Martha’s Vineyard that locals refer to as “Chappy.” We wanted the brand to have a slight nod to cozy, homey New England coastal towns – the places we love most and call home, and where a lot of our design inspiration comes from.

Two photos side by side; left photo of a bright sunroom with a white couch and two rattan chairs with blue patterned blankets hanging off of the back; right photo of a brunette woman sitting on a blue and white stripped banquette in a kitchen wrapped up in a blue blanket


What makes a Chappy so special?

Our manufacturing process is super unique and makes our blankets live up to the claim, “the best blanket you’ll ever own.” The fiber content (58% natural cotton, 35% acrylic, 7% polyester) ensures durability and makes our blankets machine washable and dryable, without losing their signature feel. They’re also oversized for a throw, which is great because they and fully cover you from head to toe (much better for snuggling too). Because they wash so well, they are super versatile and can come with you anywhere (beach, boat, picnics and soccer games, to name a few). And our designs are fun, bold, classic and unique – we have something to fit any decor.

Close up of a tan and white blanket laying across a bed with blue and orange art deco pillows with cream fringe styled with a rattan hat on top of the blanket


How did you know Pepper Home was a good fit for a collaboration?

We’ve been huge fans of Pepper’s brand, style and gorgeous designs for quite some time now! When the Pepper team first reached out, we knew instantly that your designs would translate so beautifully onto our blankets. We are completely in love with how this collection came to life!

Two photos side by side; left photo of a stack of floral and gingham patterned blankets on top of a tan rug; right photo of Blue and green floral blanket hanging on a wooden latter attached to a bunk bed with a pink floral blanket covering the bottom bunk styled with blue and pink pillows



We might be biased, but the ChappyWrap x Pepper Home blankets are the perfect blend of style and comfort. What is your favorite blanket from the collection and why?

Also biased, they are all incredible! But if I have to choose, I’d have to go with Lee. It feels like the perfect blend of classy sophistication and fun!

Brunette woman sitting on a kitchen bench in a coastal-inspired home wrapped up in a blue floral blanket laying on a green velvet pillow behind a wooden table


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