Get To Know Names For Good

Green white and pink beaded bracelets on top of green velvet fabric and sky blue velvet band

We're very excited to introduce our Festive Collective collaboration with Names For GoodAdorned with aventurine, aquamarine, rhodonite, and rose quartz beads filled with 14K gold, these customized bracelets are inspired by our signature pastels. Each piece is handmade and proceeds from each bracelet sale are donated to nonprofits for children in need. Founder Julianna Manzi started the company in hopes of spreading a bit of joy during a difficult time in her life. Follow along to learn a little more about Julianna and how she turned her hobby into a force for good in the world.


First off, tell us a little about yourself!

I was born and raised in Boston, where I now reside with my husband, two daughters and dog, Buoy and my happiest place in the world is being with my family in Cape Cod.

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How did you get the idea for Names For Good?

My first born daughter, Belle, was born premature and spent several weeks in the NICU at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. I started beading name bracelets as a way to spread joy to friends and family during a global pandemic, while keeping my mind at ease until we could bring her home. Demand for these custom bracelets grew and I saw the opportunity to turn a creative hobby into a business. The NICU doctors and nurses were so incredible, and I was inspired to build this business upon a mission of giving back to children and families in need.

Green white and pink beaded bracelets on top of Blue & Green Floral Drop Repeat cotton fabric and green velvet fabric and sky blue velvet band


Since 2020, you've donated over $175,000! How do you decide which charities and organizations to support?

All of our charitable partners are dedicated to improving the lives of children around the world, and over the last two years, I have been fortunate to build long-lasting relationships with many incredibly impactful organizations. I have been personally touched by/connected to various charities because of locality, relationship with founders or simply from stumbling upon a cause and wanting to further a mission.


Tell us a little about the Names For Good x Pepper bracelet?

Green white and pink beaded bracelets on a white background

We LOVE all of Pepper’s stunning prints and knew that a bracelet design collab was a must! The Pepper Bracelet was specifically inspired by colors of the “Harper” fabric. We wanted to keep the design fun with an elevated twist so we strung together a beautiful assortment of gemstones (aventurine, aquamarine, rhodonite and rose quartz) mixed with 14K gold filled beads.


What are some of your favorite name customizations?

Am I allowed to choose Belle and Blair if they’re my two daughters - and Buoy too of course? Haha ;). I love a single initial bracelet - this is a very underrated customization, but always looks great! I’m also a big fan of initials separated by one of our heart beads. In addition to these, I’m always touched by words that provide simple yet important daily reminders such as ‘breathe”, “be kind”, “love”.

Green white and pink beaded bracelet customized with "JACK" beads


What's your go-to hostess gift during the holidays?

I’ve become obsessed with Thucassi Diffusers - they are beautiful and all smell amazing. And of course a Names for Good bracelet. :)

Blue and green floral drop repeat napkin styled with colorful beaded bracelet and blue and green striped stocking next to a blue and green patterned pouch


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