Get To Know Swells Of Splendor

Pink abstract silk scarf styled with green velvet fabric band and blue and green striped mini stocking and small pink and green christmas ornaments

We're very excited to introduce our Festive Collective collaboration with Swells of Splendor! The hand-sewn silks are a heaven-made match for two of our flowiest prints, Mirabella and Georgia. Their size makes them versatile by nature, ready to be tied around anything from a ponytail to a purse strap. Follow along to learn more about the founder, Wells Maley, and her mission to reinvent a classic accessory!


First off, tell us a little about yourself!

Hey! My name is Wells, and I am an Atlanta-native and University of Georgia grad! I love all things mid-century, enjoy unwinding with anything on Bravo, and jump at any excuse to dress up for a fun occasion!

Blonde woman wearing a blue shirt and blue silk scarf in front of a glass window


How did you get the idea for Swells of Splendor?

I started an Instagram moodboard in college called Swells of Splendor. All of the pictures I posted had a whimsical, retro, and colorful vibe. Simultaneously in college, I was wearing my mother’s + grandmother’s silk scarves as tops and accessories. I became inspired by the pictures I was posting, and enamored by the lost love of a silk scarf in my generation. I soon started designing my own, and the brand was born!


What are your three favorite ways to style the scarves?

My go-to way is a single wrap around the neck. One knot in the back and you’re good to go! (Tutorial linked here)

I also love double wrapping the larger ones and tying them in the front. The fabric drapes so beautifully this way, and your scarf is secure because of the front tie! (Tutorial linked here)

Blonde woman standing in front of a white and blue wall wearing a blue and white silk scarf as a top styled with white pants

In the Summer, I love wearing the larger sizes as tops!! The most creative way to tie them I feel is the twist halter. (Tutorial linked here)


Tell us a little about the Swells of Splendor x Pepper scarves!

I consider the Swells x Pepper scarves a piece that you can already bank on your grandkids wanting. They’re unique, they’re chic, and they’re so timeless. 

Close up of pink silk abstract scarf and cornflower blue silk scarf

In cooler temps, I’d style them with cream corduroys and a matching turtleneck. That neutral base paired with the pastel hues of either scarf makes for a delicate yet statement-making outfit. In the summer, I’d pair the scarves with white jeans or a poplin dress in a vibrant shade! The lighter tones of the scarf allow for your outfit to then be grounded for a more sophisticated spin on your summery frock. 


What's your go-to hostess gift during the holidays?

Why a scarf, of course!! They are the perfect, sizeless gift that wins over anyone, not just “scarf people!” Wear them tied on your purse, frame them for decor, or drape them over your shoulders as a shawl… the list goes on! And, since they don’t take up much storage space, I can always have a few on hand in my emergency gift cabinet. ;)


Cornflower blue silk scarf on a white background


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