Hockney Home Office Transformation

Green abstract custom curtain hanging on window in room with white walls and green chair

Ashley Dalton of Ashley Dalton interiors created a design-worthy home office for her client using our Hockney Moss curtain. From the warm wood tones to the whimsical Hockney print, this office space brings the kind of energy we all need in our work from home set up. Follow along to see the before and after and learn more about Ashley's design decisions!



Empty room with white walls and wooden floors



Green abstract custom curtain hanging on a rod in front of a window in an office with a wooden desk and rust colored couch

Pictured here: (2) Hockney Moss Ring Top Panels. Photography by Yanglin Cai


Tell us a little about the vision for the space?

My clients are super fun, and also super successful people.  Husband is a veteran and now helicopter pilot, and wife is a very successful boss lady in PR (she's basically Olivia Pope).  This is the wife's at-home office space, and I wanted to bring the boss lady vibe into this space.  Kinda like Texas meets the feminine version of mad-men, if that makes sense? Ha!   

Green abstract custom curtain hanging on a rod in front of a window in an office with a wooden desk and rust colored couch

Photography by Yanglin Cai


What drew you to our Hockney Moss curtains?

My client loves color and pattern, and her favorite color is green (so is mine- I always say Green is God's neutral)... the kitchen in this house is green, as are the dining chairs, so I wanted to bring that same mossy green color into the office space.  I also knew I wanted a fun pattern to bring a little levity to the design.  The big velvet chairs, and the burl desk make the room feel super luxe, so we needed something a little fun and quirky to lighten the vibe.

Close up of green abstract custom curtain


What tips do you have for creating a design-worthy home office?

There are a few things that I put in every home office I design:

1) A nice big desk with legs (the legs are key - it makes the space feel less heavy)

2) A place to stash your papers and office clutter out of sight (cabinets, a credenza, etc.)

3) A decorative light fixture to center the space and make it feel a bit more formal (if you're not going into an office, might as well make your dedicated home workspace feel fancy) and

4) A select few fun design elements that you love and that speak to you (curtains, art, wallpaper, rug, etc.) to help elevate your mood and ease work stress.  

5) I am a person who's mental space matches her physical space - so if my physical space is a mess and unorganized, then my mind is too.  So my final piece of advice for designing a workspace is make sure it stays clean and tidy to help you stay focused.


Loving McKenzie's look? Order a Hockney Moss swatch today to start scheming!