Designing A Space Around Pantone’s Color of the Year

Pantone’s 2023 Color of the Year, Viva Magenta, sure is a vibrant one! “Viva Magenta exhibits a perfect balance of warmth and cool and is considered a ‘hybrid’ hue for Pantone, which is very on brand with what we are experiencing in today’s physical and virtual world,” explains Yoselin Castro of Mackenzie Collier Interiors. “While the color Viva Magenta can appear intimidating due to its bold richness, it can also be a satisfying challenge to have the opportunity to incorporate it into our everyday interior.” 

There are so many ways to work Viva Magenta into rooms all throughout the home, and best of all, it pairs wonderfully with a range of Pepper patterns, too. We asked designers to share with us how exactly they would style Viva Magenta alongside Pepper fabrics and wallpaper, and we’re loving the clever ideas they came up with, which are detailed below!


Try the hue in a dining room

Designer Sherrie Suber of House of Interiors is all about adding pep to this entertaining space. “Since Pantone’s Viva Magenta is a vibrant bold color, you’ll want to place it in an area, where you want to evoke fun and excitement—the ideal place would be the dining room,” she notes. The great news is that when it comes to where to utilize this color within the space, you’ll have many excellent options. “Place this pop of color on the ceiling, a sideboard, or an accent wall, and it’s sure to create some drama,” Suber notes. For a finishing touch, don’t forget to add a bit of wallpaper to your Viva Magenta dining room. Suber is a proponent of incorporating our Suzy Maroon wallpaper into the mix, noting, “This combination—with a large black chandelier—is sure to make an impression on anyone who enters.” 

Moodboard by Sherrie Suber of House of Interiors

Castro shares another idea for embracing Viva Magenta in the dining room. She recommends incorporating a wall molding design starting at the floor and standing up to 48 inches tall, painted in Viva Magenta. “Right where the molding transition ends, install Ginger Black wallpaper and take it all the way to the ceiling,” Castro suggests. “Try this as an accent wall design, or if daring enough, take it across the entire room for a fierce and modern aesthetic.”


Pair Viva Magenta With Neutral Furniture

When selecting furniture to complement Viva Magenta walls, you may wish to go lighter in color with your large pieces. “With such a vibrant color, I like to create a neutral base in a space and then layer in different colors and textures,” says Mina Lisanin of ML Interiors. “For a living area or bedroom, I like to use white oak flooring and add in some natural texture through a sisal, jute, or seagrass area rug,” she explains. Looking to create an accent wall or add some color to your ceiling? Lisanin suggests working in Hockney Pink wallpaper. “it pairs perfectly with the neutral base,” she says. “Its watercolor-like brush strokes gives a feminine touch, and serves as a perfect backdrop for any space.” 


Try Viva Magenta in a Kid's Room

What child doesn’t love bright colors and playful prints? Castro suggests ordering some of our Rosie fabric to get started. “The medium-scale print featuring animal print can be customized as window treatments or decorative pillows,” she notes. Then, get to work on the room’s walls. “You can introduce an accent wall that mimics the same animal print from the fabric by combining Viva Magenta color with two additional light-colored paints,” Castro notes. “For a more subtle design, try painting the full wall in one of the lighter colors and let the Viva Magenta be the animal motif.”


Look to Viva Magenta Accents

Maybe you’re not looking to take on a paint-based makeover at this time and that’s totally ok! There are plenty of Viva Magenta hued accessories on the market that will complement Pepper products wonderfully. Castro envisions using Suzy Maroon wallpaper in a living or bedroom space. “Pull from the saturated pop of color featured in the stem of the scallop pattern and introduce accessories throughout that take inspiration from Pantone’s Viva Magenta,” she offers. 


Moodboard by ML Interiors

Another option for the living room is purchasing a Viva Magenta accent chair, coffee table book, or accessory and then further bringing the space to life with various Pepper patterns. “Pair a sofa upholstered in Oat Linen and accent chairs upholstered in Midnight Cotton to set the tone of the space,” Lisanin suggests. “Add in pops of fun and color through various prints. Pops of Penelope Rose and Poppy Blue print throw pillows mixed with solid colors such as the Midnight Cotton fabric create balance and harmony.”


Feeling inspired? Order some fabric and wallpaper swatches to start scheming!