How to Create a Design Worthy Home Office

The start of a new year is the perfect time to give your workstation a bit of a revamp. As many people continue to work remotely for the foreseeable future, home offices will continue to reign supreme. If your current setup just isn’t cutting it, fear not, we’re here to help you create a design worthy home office in just a few steps. We guarantee the compliments will be rolling in the next time you log onto a video call.


Hang Art and/or Install Wallpaper

Remember the early days of trying to set up the perfect Zoom background? Well, having a nice place to sit and take video calls is still paramount in 2023! Why not transform those blank white walls with a bit of art? Grab a few framed abstract prints and hang them together in a grid, or opt for a piece that’s a bit more colorful and bold. You know it’ll be an instant conversation starter! 

Office by Erin Sparks featuring our Frida Green wallpaper

If you own your home and are able to make more permanent changes to your office space, consider installing wallpaper in this room. Wallpaper is by no means just for bedrooms and living rooms, after all. Select from our wallpaper collection to find a print and hue that best complements your space. And as always, keep in mind that it’s easy to order sample swatches prior to making your final decision.


Corral Your Supplies

A clean desk = a clean mind! Keep pens, pencils, scissors, and other essential office supplies nicely displayed in a fun pen holder. We love repurposing julep cups or small crystal vases to hold writing utensils. If you have supplies that you like to keep nearby but reach for less often (postage stamps, paper clips, and the like) consider placing them in a small patterned pouch. While these fabric bags are designed to house makeup, they function just as wonderfully on a desktop.

Office by Meredith Goforth of House of Prim featuring our Thatcher Rose curtain and Snow Pom Pom trim


Add A Pillow To Your Work Station

You spend hours upon hours every day sitting at your desk chair, so what’s holding you back from making your setup feel a bit cozier? Help relax your back by adding a custom pillow to your chair. Choose from one of our many fabric options (once again, you can easily order samples) and sit back and type away blissfully!

Office by Caroline Bramlett of LCB Style featuring our Denton curtain 


Hang Curtains

Adding curtains to your home office will help make this space feel a little less temporary. We make it easy to design window coverings that suit your style and match the color palette already at hand within your office. If your desk sits in front of a window, curtains can also make for a delightful Zoom backdrop in lieu of art!

Office by Ashley Dalton of Ashley Dalton Interiors featuring our Hockney Moss curtain


Check out this before and after for more office inspiration!