How to Choose Art That Goes With Your Wallpaper

Determine Your Design Aesthetic

Before deciding what type of art you’d like to pair with your wallpaper, you’ll first want to hone in on your design aesthetic.

More of a minimalist? You’ll likely want to keep works of art nice and simple in a wallpapered room, sticking to just one or two pieces that speak to you. Additionally, you’ll want to select works that reflect the colors already present in your wallpaper pattern for a cohesive, classic look that is not too busy.

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Love maximalism? In this instance, don’t be afraid to go big with artwork. There’s no reason you can’t install a gallery wall over a bold print! Additionally, mixing and matching colors and patterns is what maximalists do best, so don’t shy away from hanging art featuring different hues than those already on your walls.

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Focus On Room Type

In addition to paying close attention to your desired aesthetic, you’ll want to adjust your design choices based on the type of room you’re designing. Given that you’re selecting artwork to enhance existing wallpaper, you will want to be strategic in ensuring that a room isn’t too oversaturated with color if, for example, it’s a sleep space or is lacking in square footage. Powder rooms, for example, are quite small and may appear cramped should you hang too many art pieces. Stick with one small framed work and nail it over the toilet or opposite the sink for winning results.

The primary bedroom should be a respite from a busy day and should contain pieces that are more simple in nature. This is another case where you should let your wallpaper do the talking and limit the amount of hanging art present. In a playroom, however, you may wish to go bolder and funkier with color. A gallery wall gives kids plenty to look at as they play and will encourage imaginations to soar.


Keep in Mind Other Hues Present Within a Room Beyond As a Whole

Art should serve as a finishing touch within a space to help bring an entire room together. Therefore, it’s important that your art doesn’t just complement your wallpaper but supports the furnishings, accent pieces, hardware, and lighting present, too.

Additionally, keep in mind that you may wish to relocate artwork from one room of your home to another over the years, so you should plan to purchase pieces that will shine anywhere within your space, particularly if you enjoy rejiggering your space often. You’ll thank yourself later when shifting things around is a total breeze!


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