How To Create A Custom Pillow

Sage green and sky blue palm custom pillows styled with light green geometric custom pillow on a light brown velvet couch in a living room with blue walls

Creating a custom pillow is an excellent way to add a touch of personality to your home. Valerie Darden of Brexton Cole Interiors has long loved custom pillows. “They are the perfect way to add texture and dimension to a space,” she says. “The cool thing about custom pillows is that you do not need to compromise. The options are endless.”

We make it easy to design a pillow of your liking; simply select the print, size, and piping that appeals to you! If you’re unsure where to begin, read on for design tips regarding choosing a color, piping style, and deciding how to decorate with pillows in your home.


Choosing Your Patterns

Examine your space to better understand the dominant colors before selecting your fabric. “When pairing mixed pillow assortments together, we start with the color we want to pop in the space and then layer in patterns from there,” designer Liz Goldberg of CAROLYNLEONA says. Don’t forget to incorporate a textured pillow into your design scheme, either. “A textural solid, be it linen, velvet, or boucle mixed with fun patterns keeps it fresh and interesting,” Goldberg notes.

Plaid sky blue custom pillows, light blue velvet custom pillows and art deco palm pattern custom pillow styled on a blue couch in a living room with yellow walls

You can certainly layer patterns, but follow this Goldberg-approved tactic. “When layering patterns vary the size and scale, so a large pattern pairs well with a small scale pattern so it doesn't feel too busy,” the designer explains.


Pick Your Piping

Designer Hallie Henley Sims of Hallie Henley Design is a big fan of piping. “We love adding trim details like a contrast welt to give the pillow a custom feel,” she says. Designer Jocelyn Polce of August Oliver Interiors agrees. “A contrasting welt is a must in my opinion,” she says. “It takes a typical pillow up a notch.”

Not sure what color to select for your piping? Adding a pop of color can be fun, while pairing neutrals can also look sophisticated. “I’m really loving Pepper’s Stone pillow with the Walnut piping or the Fern Velvet with the Cosmos piping,” Polce says. “Both are perfect for a fall pillow update!”

Rose pink palm custom pillows, pink and burgundy drop repeat floral custom pillows and light pink velvet custom pillow styled on a light wood bed with white sheets.

Alternatively, why not have a bit of fun with fringe or pom pom trim? “Embellishments are all the rage at the moment, and it’s a true fact that fringe and poms make everything more fun,” notes Ashley Macuga of Collected Interiors. “It is the chicest of custom details that can easily be added without a lot of extra expense.” Linda Hayslett of LH.Designs agrees. “I think of trim as extra sprinkles on top of an already delicious cupcake,” she comments.

Hayslett notes that pom pom trim “adds a playfulness and movement” to any space. Macuga likes using pom poms for nurseries and children’s rooms.

When it comes to fringe trim, Macuga finds that this style makes for an excellent finish touch in more formal spaces, such as living and dining rooms. Hayslett also views fringe as elevated and luxurious. “Trim like fringe makes me think of a swanky, grand space,” she notes. “Fringe can also give a fun disco vibe in a living room on a window treatment or high-end tea party on the bottom of a sofa. It's all what you want to create and how much fun you are looking to have in the space.”

Floral navy custom pillow and navy blue custom pillow styled on a white couch

Not sure what color to select for your piping? Adding a pop of color can be fun, while pairing neutrals can also look sophisticated. “I’m really loving Pepper’s Stone pillow with the Walnut piping or the Fern Velvet with the Cosmos piping,” she adds. “Both are perfect for a fall pillow update!”


Decor Tips To Keep In Mind

Darden suggests sticking to one cohesive color palette within a room. “You will get a beautiful impact in your room if the pillows are the same color or a color that is complementary,” she says. “One easy way of remembering this is to use this rule: One small print pillow, one big print pillow, and one solid.”

Green floral custom pillow, green velvet custom pillow, and blue chinoiserie custom pillow on a white bench in front of a window with green floral custom curtains

If you’re styling pillows on a bed and aren’t sure how to create a designer-approved setup, follow this advice from Jenn Feldman of Jenn Feldman Designs, who suggests making a point to layer. “Start with the largest size in the back and then stack the smallest in the front,” she says. This approach will allow all colors and patterns to be seen, she adds. “It's kind of like taking a great photo and making sure everyone’s face is showing!”

Art Deco custom pillows and blue plaid pillow styled on a bed in bedroom with sky blue botanical stripe wallpaper

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