Ways to Use Trim By the Yard

Close up of white curtain with green trim

A little bit of trim makes everything more fun! Pepper offers many styles of trim by the yard, including velvet and cotton piping, pom pom trim, band trim, tassels, and rick rack. No matter your style, you’re sure to find a trim type—or two—that suits you.

If you’re wondering how to integrate trim throughout your home, read on for these tips from designers. There are many clever ways to make use of trim by the yard to totally transform your space and add more character and cohesion to your home.


Add Color and Pattern to a Room

Close up of Hand-painted Floral custom curtain with pink Rick Rack Trim hanging on a window

First and foremost, many designers enjoy using trim by the yard to add more vibrance to any room of the home. “Trim is one of my favorite ways to add color and definition to window treatments, pillows, upholstery or even walls,” says Kristina Phillips, the founder of Kristina Phillips Interior Design. “Sometimes a beautiful grosgrain in a contrasting hue can add a finishing element that would otherwise look bland.” Maggie Griffin, the founder of Maggie Griffin Design agrees. “I love using a graphic or bold trim on a solid fabric for an extra pattern punch in a space,” she says. “Especially on the leading edge of drapery panels, it can really play up the verticality of a space!”


Fuse Together Different Design Elements

Pink and Green floral curtains hanging on a rod in a bedroom with green floral sheets and a mint green nightstand

If you like to blend various aesthetics within your home, note that trim is an excellent way to make a space appear more cohesive. “Trim can play a crucial role in tying in different design elements, or by emphasizing a specific hue,” Phillips shares. “With so many different motifs, materials, and colors available, there is always an opportunity to apply trim for a finished and polished result.” For example, perhaps you decorate two adjoining rooms using different color schemes and are looking for a way to ensure that your space flows together nicely—consider keeping your trim style and color constant between both rooms to achieve your desired effect.


Customize a Tablecloth

Colorful moodboard with Piping and Trim

Keep in mind that you can purchase trim by the yard for smaller home projects, too—its uses extend far beyond curtains and pillows. Shani Core of Shaini Core Interiors likes to use trim to elevate the look of her favorite tablecloths. She notes, “A helpful tip is to always buy at least ½ yard more than you think you need and make sure to tape the ends as all trims tend to fray after they are cut.”


Add Trim to a Duvet

Lavender botanical stripe and cornflower blue custom pillows styled on bed in a sunny room

Additionally, trim can be used on bed linens, such as duvet covers, to make these pieces feel a bit more special, too. Andrea May, the founder of Andrea May Interiors, suggests running one to two inch bands of grosgrain tape trim down either side of a blanket cover or duvet


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