Style Guide: Playrooms

Product style guide including Blue & Green Floral Drop Repeat Custom Curtains, Pink Chinoiserie Tiger Custom Pillow, Blue Polka Dot Rug, Stuffed Giraffe, Ceramic Balloon Art, Dollhouse Bookcase, Flower Wall Sconce, Toy Guitar, Art, Scalloped Pendent Light, White Bear Chair, Sorage Basket, and Scalloped Shelves

Look I: Pastels

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Serena Sea Salt Curtains, Frida Pink Pillow, Blue Polka Dot Rug: Safavieh, Stuffed Giraffe: H&M, Ceramic Balloon Art: Sage and Sill, Dollhouse Bookcase: Pottery Barn Kids, Flower Wall Sconce: West Elm, Toy Guitar: Zara Kids, Art: Mcgee & Co, Scalloped Pendent Light: Coleen and Company, White Bear Chair: Crate & Kids, Sorage Basket: Pehr, Scalloped Shelves: Ballard Designs


Product style guide including Beige Gingham Wallpaper, Stuffed Light Brown Dog, Polka dot Rug, Midcentury Wooden Ceiling Fan, Kids' Rib-Knit Beanie, Kids' Backpack, Yellow Modern Chair, Modern Play Table, Art Deco Palm Pattern Custom Curtains, Cordless Table Lamp, Graphic Texas T-Shirt, Sky Blue Velvet Custom Pillow, Dogs at the Beach Photo, and Fishing Pole Toy

Look II: Blue & Orange

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Ginger Sand Wallpaper, Stuffed Dog: Ikea, Circle Printed Rug: West Elm, Midcentury Ceiling Fan: One King's Lane, Kids' Rib-Knit Beanie: H&M, Kids' Backpack: L.L. Bean, Yellow Modern Chair: West Elm, Modern Play Table: West ElmThatcher Apricot Curtains, Cordless Table Lamp: Mantar, Graphic Tee: Maisonette, Sky Velvet Pillow, Dogs at the Beach Photo: Gray Malin, Fishing Pole Toy: Kiwi Co


Product style guide including Green Trundle Day Bed, Sky Blue Velvet Custom Curtains, Coral Velvet Custom Pillow, Yellow Stripe Chartreuse Custom Pillow, Colorful Rug, Toys Hamper, Yellow Wall Sconce, Stuffed Dressed Bunny, Play Kitchen, Colorful Abstract Art, Cactus Bookcase Shelf, and Pajama Set

Look III: Bright & Multicolored

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Green Trundle Day Bed: West Elm, Sky Velvet Curtains, Cosmo Velvet Pillow, Emma Chartreuse Pillow, Colorful Rug: Crate & Kids, Toys Hamper: Crate & Kids, Yellow Wall Sconce: Crate & Kids, Stuffed Bunny: Cuddle + Kind, Play Kitchen: Maisonette, Colorful Abstract Art: Big Wall Decor, Cactus Shelf: West Elm, Pajama Set: LAKE