Table Talk with Lindy Collins

Blonde woman sitting in sofa chair wearing a long white floral printed dress in front of white fireplace

Oklahoma-based designer Lindy Collins believes color and comfort are key when creating spaces just for kids. Keep reading for her expert tips on everything from interior design to back-to-school prep!


First off, tell us a little bit about yourself!

I am an interior designer and the founder of L. Collins Interiors based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where I was born and raised. My husband and I both attended law school at the University of Oklahoma. I practiced law for 6 years before joining my mom and sister in real estate. My first extensive renovation project was expanding our 1930’s English-style home for our growing family – a true passion project! It wasn’t long before my real estate clients were asking for remodeling advice. One small project led to the next, and as the projects got bigger and my client list grew longer, I eventually created my design firm. 

Play room styled with a white couch and blue printed pillows being rearranged by blonde woman


How would you describe your style? Where do you find inspiration?

My style is coastal-inspired with a fresh spin on traditional design. I was first inspired when roadtripping to Seaside, Florida in the mid-1990's. There was nothing else surrounding it at that time, and it felt impossible to our weary eyes when the small, picturesque, pastel-colored town emerged from the lush natural landscape and rolling coastal dunes. It was magical! I continue to be inspired by the places we travel, including their natural landscapes and social traditions.

Coffee table close-up with white flowers in clear vase no top over white couch next to an illuminated window


Walk us through how you style spaces specifically for kids!

The trick to styling spaces for kids is to keep the design consistent with its intended purpose, that is, for young people to use and enjoy! The pattern and colors should be a reflection of the child, but that doesn’t mean the design needs to be too youthful. I’ve been so pleasantly surprised by how a child can appreciate sophisticated style, so long as the colors, textures, and items filling the space resonate with them.

Joyful kids playing in the play room


What do you find most important when creating a productive homework nook?

To me, the most important elements of a functional study space are: (1) ample tabletop – kids like to spread out! (2) adequate storage – I prefer both open and closed storage so some things can be kept within reach while others are better suited to be kept hidden (3) pin boards– I love having a custom pin board over a desk to keep calendars, reminders, or achievements, within view; and finally, (4) a comfortable seat – this varies by age, as young children might squirm and could prefer a sturdy, upholstered stool, while older children may require a chair with a supportive back. There are many ways to embellish a homework nook so that it feels lively and happy, with paint, hardware, art, and, of course, fun fabrics and wallpapers!

Office desk close-up styled with plaid beige custom wallpaper


Do your kiddos like to give input when you're creating their rooms/spaces? If so, we'd love to hear it!

My kids love any opportunity to provide their input, ha! When designing spaces for them, I always start with colors and then design the room around a color palette they approve. My daughter was very involved in designing her bedroom recently, and it is one of my favorite spaces in our home. Her inspiration was a “secret garden” and we chose to wallpaper her ceiling in a floral vine to give it that effect. She loves to read, so we let that guide the design with cushioned window seats and a variety of pillows, bedside reading light, and a bookshelf filled with her favorite books. Her bedroom truly feels like a sacred space to her, and definitely reflects her spirit.

Blonde girl sitting in front of a white rectangular table coloring


What is your number one priority when preparing the kids to go back to school?

Make sure they feel comfortable – we try on uniforms, backpacks, shoes and make sure everything feels right – confidence is key! We clean out closets, drawers, and organize school supplies so we feel like we are starting the new school year with a clean slate. We made sure to spend time on the new playground for my youngest and in locating classrooms for my oldest. As excited as my children are to start the new school year, it always comes with nerves, and I find that getting them comfortable with all the changes tends to be so helpful!

Office desk side perspective close-up styled with plaid beige custom wallpaper with white flowers in clear vase on top


We love how you've used our wallpapers throughout your designs! What drew you to our patterns?

Thank you! I felt that the Ginger pattern for the homework nook I recently completed added a sense of texture and subtle pattern to the space, while also perfectly complementing the colorful pattern in the shade we used on the window over the desk. The Ginger pattern is sophisticated enough to grow with my client’s children, but also keeps this space light and cheerful while they are young.

Room corner styled with an Abstract Sky Blue custom wallpaper next to an illuminated window

We chose the Hockey pattern in a recent playroom design because it is so perfectly joyful and fun for a space meant for kids to play! The children who use this playroom love art and we love that the Hockney pattern feels like abstract artwork on the wall! It is truly a space that encourages imagination and creativity – both pillars of childhood.

Bathroom sink styled with pink cabinets and a Pink & Green Palm custom wallpaper with a mirror in the center

We also recently selected the Thatcher wallpaper for the sweetest little girl’s bathroom remodel. The colors throughout her bedroom are varying shades of pink and green, and we loved the subtlety of those shades in the Thatcher pattern for her bathroom walls, which perfectly suits the pale pink paint color of her cabinet, and also coordinates so well with the petals of the sconces flanking the woven mirror over her vanity.