How To Decorate a Large Living Room

Living room with three windows styled with Moss Green Custom Curtains on each next to white couch and white small table with plant on clay pot on top

Having a large space to decorate means you’ve got so many different design elements that you can implement. There’s blank wall space to fill with curated art, furniture to pile with thoughtful pillowscapes, and plenty of other ways to create a lovely living area through home decor. However, it can be tricky navigating what living room ideas are best to try when you have more than enough space. 

Hopefully, these ten interior design suggestions will leave you feeling motivated to take on your large living room, whether you’re just moving in or want to fill some extra empty space.

11 Interior Design and Decor Ideas for a Large Space

Use a Coffee Table as a Focal Point

Coffee tables are versatile in both the design world and in practicality. They’re a great furnishing for family rooms thanks to their usefulness. They’re useful for when you need to set down your coffee (obviously) but also for providing decoration and storage. 

You can use your coffee table in a larger room as a focal point both through the style of the table itself and what you choose to decorate it with. It’s one of the most essential pieces of living room furniture, whether you’re working with a smaller living room or a larger space.

Picking out the right coffee table for your home will depend on your personal style as well as what furnishings you already have in your living room. You can never go wrong with a mid-century modern coffee table; that look is not just trending but is here to stay. A glass coffee table looks so chic in a large living room but may not be ideal if you have children or pets frequenting the area.

One of our favorite items to decorate your coffee table with is plants. A snake plant is such an easy plant to care for, and it looks great next to some cute coffee table books. You can also use small artwork like figurines and sculptures to not only show off your interests but add a focal point to the table.

Our Spice Market can help you find a unique and functional coffee table perfect for whatever your needs may be.

Fill Your Seating Area With a Sectional and Loveseat

One of the biggest bonuses of having a large living room is being able to have more seating, aka accommodating more people. From armchairs to ottomans and footstools, you can easily fill up space with a creative furniture arrangement. This area is wonderful if you’re hosting a get-together or some type of party for family and friends. 

Seating is also an ideal way to fill up more space. You can bring a sectional into your living room for the ultimate sofa space, and we recommend adding a loveseat for that additional little touch. 

Using Pepper Home’s convenient Style Guides, you can easily envision a loveseat that integrates perfectly with your existing room aesthetic or craft an entirely new theme for your living room based around the loveseat of your dreams.

Personalize Your Living Space With Custom Pillows and Curtains

Living room in front of kitchen with two blue velvet sofa chairs styled with an Art Deco Palm Pattern custom pillow on each by a circular coffee table with white and green flowers in clear vase on top

Once you’ve got your seating situation sorted, you can start accessorizing your sofa with custom pillows

Pepper Home offers five size options for your custom pillows — including lumbar pillows and euro shams — so that you can always create a pillow that’s perfect for your existing furniture pieces. Our Pillow Size Guide is also here to help if you’re ever in doubt.

Pick between cotton, velvet, and linen fabrications and a variety of piping options for a custom pillow design that’s uniquely tailored to your space.

You can bring all the elements of the room together with custom curtains, too. These are an elegant way to add decoration to your wall as well as help you control the light filtration in the room. 

We recommend privacy curtains for the living room since blackout curtains are best for rooms that need full darkness, like bedrooms and nurseries. Privacy curtains only block 70% of light instead of 100%, allowing some natural light to shine through. 

Our custom curtains allow you to choose between five construction options (rod pocket, pinch pleat, grommet, tailored pleat, and ring top) and a variety of trim selections. Like our pillows, Pepper Home’s curtains can be made using linen, cotton, or velvet materials, and they’re made sustainably within the United States. 

Simply use our Curtain Calculator to pick the perfect sized curtain for your living room, and let your imagination run free.

Your custom curtains and pillows can actually work hand-in-hand to tie up your living room design. Matching your pillows with your curtains is one of the best ways to use complementary patterns and colors to bring the room together with a little help from the perfect pairs that we’ve curated on each product page.

Add Side Tables and Bookshelves to Living Room Walls

Side tables and console tables, much like coffee tables, are useful as a great resource for design. Adding side tables to your walls and next to your seating will be convenient for you and your guests and makes a great place to add little pieces of decor, like lamps and plants. 

Bookshelves are another functional way to decorate a large space. We love the look of a bookshelf (either free-standing or built-in) with bookends and little pieces of unique decorations sprinkled throughout, like sculptures and decorative crystals.

If you’re unsure which accent pieces will best complement your living room, our in-house design experts are here to help. Simply utilize our complimentary design assistance, and you’ll receive tailored advice within three business days.

Install a Chandelier on a High Ceiling

Close-up of blue feathered chandelier in front of artwork hung on wall

If you’ve got a large living room with high ceilings, you’ve got the ideal space for a gorgeous chandelier. Chandeliers are an excellent focal point for any room, and a high ceiling only adds to the elegant aesthetic they evoke. 

Whether you’re interested in a classical style of a chandelier or perhaps a modern industrial chandelier, you’ll find something that fits perfectly into your living room.

Get Creative With Large Wall Decor

Your walls are such a vital part of your living room, so it’s no wonder that they play a huge role in designing the space. We recommend getting creative with how you use wall art. After all, your art pieces are never permanent, so have fun experimenting and trying out new living room design ideas and different styles of art.

One stylish way to use your walls to decorate a large living room is to create an accent wall with custom wallpaper. You can customize your wallpaper to flow perfectly with the rest of your living space and then implement a unique wall that stands out from the rest. 

We suggest looking over our wallpaper paint guide to find some of the wallpaper and paint pairs we’ve curated. Then, our Wallpaper Calculator can ensure you purchase the right amount of wallpaper to seamlessly cover any space. 

To take any guesswork out of your wallpaper selection process, take advantage of our wallpaper swatches to try Pepper in real life before you commit to an order.

Use a Cohesive Color Palette

Large spaces look the best when they’re decorated with a clear-cut and cohesive color palette. If you aren’t sure what color scheme you already have or want to implement, you can create your home's color scheme and use this as a guide moving forward. 

Take note of the colors you find around your home and jot them down, then find unique pieces that complement your existing color scheme. Our paint guides can help you match wallpaper or fabric with paint colors to help you easily coordinate the hues within your space.

Add Floor Lamps To Your Living Room Layout

We know how important natural light is to a home, but sometimes we need the help of artificial lighting. Floor lamps are such a great way to bring light and life into a room while also adding to the room's furnishings. One of our favorite ways to distinguish a space is through lamps that resemble modern artwork.

Make the Room Feel Inviting With Textiles

Textiles are one of the most vital aspects when decorating or renovating a home. There are so many ways you can bring textiles into your space, so we’ll just discuss some of our very favorites. 

Curtains are a focal point of the wall, which makes them one of the most important textiles in the living room. We love custom curtains that have a unique texture, like bold velvet curtains that catch the eye. As we mentioned above, Pepper Home offers velvet, cotton, and linen curtains, each offering distinct textures that can complement a variety of aesthetics.

Use Greenery To Fill Space

Close-up of white wooden chair with white and black printed pillow next to small table with a book and can on it next to a plant on a black claypot and an illuminated window styled with Sky Blue Botanical Stripe Custom Curtains

Greenery is perhaps one of our favorite ways to decorate a large living room. Unlike in small spaces, you have the freedom to bring in large, eye-catching plants to fill the space. Once you’ve figured out the best plants for your home, you can start filling your living room with greenery.

One of our favorite large plants is the fiddle leaf fig tree. Once this tree grows large, it fills a space elegantly and helps to clean the air. Another fantastic and popular plant to bring into your home is the monstera deliciosa. Bonus points if you can find one of the beautiful variegated varieties.

Don’t have a green thumb? No problem! There are plenty of elegant fake plants out there that you can bring into your home without having to worry about the safety of the plant.

Create a Small Reading Nook

No one can say no to an adorable little reading nook. You can use bookshelves and love seats or little sofas to create a space dedicated to reading. We love adding throw blankets and custom throw pillows for the ultimate cozy reading spot.

If you have a large window or even a bay window in your living room or great room, we recommend creating your little nook near it. That way, there will be plenty of natural light for reading during the day. Once the curtains are drawn, though, you can rely on a nearby floor lamp or some wall sconces to keep your binge reading going.

Bring Big Spaces Together

When you’re decorating a large living room, you can use your decor and furnishings to fill space and tie the room together. From little details like custom accent pillows to larger furnishings, like sectionals and loveseats, you’ll find there are so many options for adding patterns and filling blank spaces in your home. 

We hope these steps leave you feeling confident in tackling your next home renovation.



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