Lined vs. Unlined Shower Curtains

bathroom with blue and white tiles and a bath tub with two little boys sitting in the tub, one pulling the blue and green art deco patterned shower curtain back

Having a hard time choosing between a lined or an unlined shower curtain? While both styles require an additional shower curtain liner to keep water in the tub and off the panel, they each offer unique benefits. Follow along as we explore the differences.


The Lining

As the name suggests, our unlined curtains are just that–unlined. This allows light to filter through the panels while our lined curtains feature privacy lining that blocks about 70% of light.

two photos comparing lined vs. unlined shower curtains


The Weight

The biggest difference between the two styles is the weight. Without the added lining, unlined panels are lighter and easier to handle. This makes them ideal for tension rods that can't hold a ton of weight. Lined shower curtains are best for mounted rods. See below for a few examples of the weight difference:

Table comparing the different weights of lined and unlined shower curtain panels


A Quick Note On Liners

Both styles require an additional shower curtain liner to protect the panel from water. We recommend pairing an unlined panel with a white opaque liner. Check out our shower curtain hardware edit for our go-to recommendations.


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