Top 5 Adorable Nursery Themes

Nursery room with white sofa chair with blue gingham printed pillow next to a window styled with Sky Blue Pattern Custom Curtains

One of the most exciting parts about waiting for your little one to arrive is choosing the theme for their nursery. Decorating your baby’s nursery is all about choosing soothing, cheerful colors and patterns that your little one will love. Whether it’s a whimsical safari-themed nursery or a minimalist nursery, you will have so much fun choosing a stylish theme for this special room.

When you begin decorating your baby’s nursery, it is also important to choose a theme that your little one can grow into. If you are looking for some inspiration, we are here to help. Read on to explore five adorable nursery themes and how you can create these looks in your home.

5 of Our Favorite Nursery Themes for Your Baby’s Room

Here at Pepper Home, helping new parents create dream-worthy nurseries is one of our specialties. We love creating soft, sustainable products that you and your baby will love. With our collection of custom pillows, curtains, wallpapers, plush blankets, and more, you get to create your own original pieces that no one else has but everyone will want.

No matter which aesthetic you choose, our Style Guides can help provide inspiration, while our Spice Market will help you discover unique pieces that can make your nursery truly one-of-a-kind.

Let’s dive into five of our favorite nursery themes for your baby’s room.

The Safari-Themed Nursery

Nursery Room corner styled with Sage Botanical Stripe custom wallpaper with wooden yellow chair in front by green and floral lamp on white circular small table next to window

One of the most adorable classic nursery themes is a safari-themed nursery. The safari-themed nursery is a space full of bold patterns, warm textiles, and of course, some cute animal friends. With everything from swinging monkeys and fluffy bunnies to long-necked giraffes, this wildly cute space is where your little one will be able to have so many new adventures.

To decorate your baby’s safari-themed nursery, start by adding our nature-inspired Emma Sage Wallpaper to your baby’s room. This organic, sage green backdrop is the perfect color and pattern to make your little one’s nursery feel like an outdoor oasis. 

Then, you can add some jungle-themed wall decor to your space, like some chic watercolor animal prints featuring a cute elephant, a baby lion, a snuggly sloth, and more. Choosing prints with neutral earth-tone colors will look stunning in your space.

Once you have chosen some beautiful wall decor, you can add some gorgeous animal-inspired throw pillows to give your baby’s nursery a pop of color. We recommend our feline-friendly Frida Pink Pillow if you want to take a walk on the wild side. This lovely design features tigers, flowers, and gorgeous colors that your baby will be sure to love. This print is a favorite at Pepper, and it’s the perfect pattern to liven up your baby’s safari-themed nursery.

The Woodland Nursery

Another stylish nursery design that families love is a woodland nursery. A woodland-themed nursery is perfect for a baby boy, a baby girl who loves fairies, or any family that loves spending time outdoors. 

To decorate your baby’s room with this theme, start by having a gorgeous mural of snowy mountains. This style of nursery should use dark pastels, such as evergreen, purple, and gray, for a classic look that will be sure to mature with your child. 

You should also place several adorable woodland creatures in this room, such as foxes, bears, owls, and deer. Adding woodland-inspired books, puzzles, and textiles will also help this picturesque design to come to life.

The Floral Nursery

Nursery room with Pink Floral Custom Wallpaper with two art frames on top of crib with baby on top next to White armchair with Coral Velvet Pillow on top next to White tall lamp

If you are looking for a beautiful and feminine nursery style that your baby girl will fall in love with, a floral-themed nursery may be the perfect fit. To create this look, select a wallpaper teeming with gorgeous flowers like our Blake Rose Wallpaper. This stunning floral design features organic pink flowers that will dance across your nursery walls, creating a gorgeous and polished backdrop.

As your little girl grows, you can also incorporate hearts, unicorns, fairies, and other lovely elements fit for a princess.

The Modern Nursery

If your home is filled with clean lines, symmetry, and a modern interior design style, then you will love creating a modern nursery for your baby. A modern nursery should be filled with bold patterns and stylistic elements that promote simplicity and functionality. For your beautiful nursery space, start with having clean white walls and sophisticated furniture.

To add a pop of color and design to this space, our Hockney Pink Curtain features bold, abstract lines that are perfect for a modern nursery. This print is modern, unexpected, and downright fun, and is a wonderful way to add an element of surprise to your baby’s nursery.

The Minimalist Nursery

This year, one of the most popular and trending nursery designs that new parents and babies love is the minimalistnursery theme. A minimalist nursery is a space that is clean and uncluttered, filled with gorgeous pastels that will be soothing and calming for your little one. After all, a nursery is the room where your little one should be able to get some shut-eye and drift off to dreamland.

To get this look, start by choosing a color scheme filled with white, cream, and beige. Add wooden furniture and wicker storage baskets to give the room a simple and natural feel. For decor, you can add a potted plant for a pop of color and subtle wall art that your baby will love to look at.

How Do You Personalize Your Baby’s Nursery?

Once you have chosen the best and most adorable nursery theme, you can then start to focus on ways to personalize your baby’s nursery to make it unique. Here at Pepper Home, our Nursery and Kids Collection features custom, sustainable decor that your little one won’t outgrow. 

Keep reading to discover how we can help you personalize your baby’s nursery for a creative look that everyone will love. 

Create an Accent Wall for a Pop of Color

Nursery room with white crib in between two baskets and a tall lamp in front of Pink Chinoiserie Tiger Custom Wallpaper

One of the best ways to personalize your baby’s nursery is to create a stunning accent wall. Accent walls are not only gorgeous to look at, but they also add a pop of color that will entertain your baby for years.

If you are looking for a colorful and intricate print, our Frida Pink Wallpaper is the perfect design for an accent wall. This whimsical print will transform the feel of the entire room and is a wonderful way to add color and style to your baby’s nursery. 

When in doubt, look to our wallpaper paint guide to find a print that will effortlessly match your existing nursery paint. Once you’ve chosen your custom wallpaper, our Wallpaper Calculator is available to help you purchase the exact amount you need for your space with extra yardage for trimming and pattern alignment.

Hang Custom Curtains To Match Your Nursery Decor

Another way to add a personalized touch to your baby’s nursery is to hang custom curtains to match your baby’s decor. Having high-quality, custom curtains in your baby’s nursery will help bring beautiful color and design to this space while also helping your little one to have a more calming night’s sleep

For example, you can choose to hang our blackout curtains that are 100% opaque so that outdoor light cannot shine through. The best part is that you can tailor our custom curtains to your liking, knowing that they’re sustainably made in the U.S. and ship in only seven business days.

Our curtains come in velvet, cotton, or linen fabrications and can be personalized with fun trim options such as rick rack, tassels, pom poms, and bands. We also carry six construction options — tailored pleat, grommet, pinch pleat, rod pocket, and ring top — so that you can make the curtains of your dreams. 

Pepper Home’s Curtain Calculator helps you choose the perfect length and size curtain for your space, while our Curtain Measurement and Installment Guide makes installation a breeze. If you have any questions at all about your curtain design, our in-house experts are available to provide Complimentary Design Assistance, and our Fabric Swatches, Trim Samples, and FAQ are available to take any guesswork out of your curtain design experience.

Add a Natural WoodChanging Table and Rocking Chair

If you appreciate natural and earthy items, as well as vintage decor, adding a natural woodchanging table and rocking chair to your baby’s nursery is a wonderful way to give your baby’s room a more personalized look and feel. Not only is wooden furniture gorgeous to look at, but it is also durable and long-lasting so that you can use it for years to come.

Tie the Nursery Room Together With Wall Decals and Wall Art

Once all of your wallpaper, curtains, and furniture are placed in the room, you can tie the entire nursery theme of the nursery together with wall decals and wall art. You can add colorful paintings, art, and stickers that your baby can learn from and engage with as they grow.

Get Inspiration From Interior Design Experts

At Pepper, we are all about bringing design to everyone. If you need any help decorating your baby’s nursery, you can get inspiration from our interior design experts. 

Our team offers Complimentary Design Assistance so that you can create the Instagram-worthy nursery of your dreams for your little bundle of joy. Simply send us a message at with your queries, and we’ll get back to you within two business days so that you can start designing.

Create the Perfect Nursery for Your Little One

All in all, creating the perfect nursery for your little one is all about choosing a theme that you love, filled with gorgeous elements that will transform your space into a peaceful paradise for your new baby. 

Remember to choose patterns and colors that are subtle yet sophisticated to create the perfect nursery for your baby. Your sweet pea will have fond memories of growing up in this special room, and choosing the right theme will surely add the perfect touch to this space.



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