Bedroom Decorating Ideas: 10 Must-try Ideas

Bedroom with a white bed with two Green Tiger Custom pillows and a Blue and White Custom pillow on top next to two illuminated windows styled with Sky Blue Velvet Curtains and Art Deco Palm Pattern Custom Wallpaper behind a white crib

Having a beautiful bedroom that you love and feel comfortable in is important. After all, this is a space made for rest and relaxation. It is the first room you see when you wake up in the morning, and it is the last place you see before you drift off at night, so it should be decorated to suit your unique needs.

If you are about to give your bedroom a makeover and are looking for some decorating tips and tricks to help you get started, you’re in the right place. Here are the top 10 must-try decorating ideas to help you create the bedroom of your dreams.

10 Beautiful Bedroom Decor Ideas

At Pepper Home, we provide custom decor for every aesthetic. Whether you are looking to add gorgeous wallpaper or cozy throw pillows to your space, we’ve got you covered. Today, we’re providing some bedroom decorating inspiration, and we’ll walk you through the process of how to pick your favorite prints and customize your pieces. 

Our custom pillows and curtains are sustainably made in the U.S. and ship within seven business days, so you can start creating your ultimate bedroom oasis as soon as possible. Now, let’s dive into the top 10 beautiful bedroom decor ideas.

Add a Solid Wood Headboard to Your Bed

One of the most popular bedroom decor ideas this year is to make your bed the room’s centerpiece. You can do this by adding a solid wood headboard to your bed. 

We recommend choosing a mantle-style headboard to add stunning architectural interest to your space. You can even place some small photographs, glittering candles, or some seasonal decor items atop your mantle for a gorgeous visual presentation. Our Spice Market has everything you need to find the knickknacks and trinkets that will make your space come alive.

This decor will highlight your bed and will give your room a beautiful and effortlessly natural look. Wooden headboards are timeless, and the fun part is that you can add color by layering patterned throw pillows on your bedspread for a stunning display that everyone will love.

Make a Small Bedroom Come to Life With Custom Wallpaper

Close-up of an illuminated window styled with Sky Blue Velvet Custom Curtains and Art Deco Palm Pattern Custom Wallpaper

If you are looking for a way to make a small bedroom come to life, try adding custom wallpaper. One way to create this look is to start with crisp, white walls, as this will help your space to feel more spacious. Then, choose your favorite wall in your room to make your accent wall. 

For your accent wall, select one of our custom wallpapers to give your room a defined focal point, incorporating beautiful color and texture into your space. 

If your home has a modern interior design style, we recommend selecting our Thatcher Midnight Wallpaper. This stylish print features an organic pattern inspired by the Art Deco style. It will pair beautifully with creams, fern, and shades of navy, and it will truly help make any small bedroom come to life.

Our Wallpaper Calculator can ensure you purchase enough wallpaper to cover any space with a perfectly-aligned pattern, while our wallpaper paint guide helps you choose a print that seamlessly integrates with your existing paint color scheme.

Match Your Paint Colors With Custom Curtains

Another decorating idea for your bedroom is to match your paint colors with custom curtains, which our fabric paint guide can help with quite a bit. This cohesion will help all of the colors in your bedroom to pop and keep the style sophisticated.

If you want to create a cheery bedroom space that feels light and airy, we recommend starting off with light-colored walls and adding our Poppy Pink Curtain to your space. This versatile curtain has bold tones of red, pink, and white, making it the perfect way to bring a fashion-forward approach to your bedroom’s color palette. This pattern is a great choice for a feminine bedroom or a girl boss who loves a pop of color.

If you love neat neutrals and your bedroom’s paint colors are pearl, taupe, or beige, then we recommend selecting a curtain that matches those shades, paired with a lovely design that will be universally appealing. 

Our Oat Curtain will blend in beautifully with champagne-colored walls and is a gorgeous linen curtain that will breathe fresh air into any space. The multi-dimensional color of the soft fabric will give a neutral bedroom substance. 

The best part is that you can customize any of our curtains to get the exact length and style you need without having to worry about long lead times. Our Curtain Calculator is here to ensure you purchase the perfect length and size curtain for your space, while our Curtain Measurement and Installment Guide can help you with every step, from choosing your look to choosing between our six construction options to accessorizing your new custom curtains. And don’t forget to add a little trim like rick rack, bands, tassels, or pompoms to complete your look.

Try a Solid Wood Bed Frame

To make your new bedroom feel grand and fit for a queen, try adding a solid wood bed frame. The trend of wooden bed frames began on the West Coast and is quickly becoming more popular. 

A solid wood bed frame is not only durable, but it is also a simple way to make your bedroom feel more natural and luxurious. Best of all, it will match your solid wood headboard nicely or create a cohesive element to a house whose guestrooms have incorporated that solid wood headboard style.

Let our Style Guides help you create a cohesive design between rooms, no matter your personal aesthetic.

Restore Bedroom Furniture

If you love to get creative and take on new projects, another fun decorating idea is to restore vintage bedroom furniture

To do this, you can have an artisan add some furniture wax to your wooden pieces, change out the hardware for something new and trendy, or even paint your furniture a new color that you have always adored. By revamping your old bedroom furniture, you can take a traditional piece and make it modern, giving your bedroom a whole new look.

Make One Bedroom Wall an Accent Wall

The best way to break up a sea of white in your bedroom is to make one wall into a beautiful accent wall, as we mentioned above. 

For example, if you are decorating one of your children’s bedrooms or your baby’s nursery, we recommend opting for a gorgeous wallpaper with a fun print that your little ones will love to look at. Our Frida Pink Wallpaper is the perfect pattern for an accent wall. It is teeming with felines, fronds, and flowers, along with beautiful pastel colors that will look stunning in any space.

Make Your Bedroom Feel Cozy With a Custom Throw

Bedroom with a white bed in front of an illuminated window styled with Green Floral Custom Curtains

If you want to make your bedroom feel extra cozy, you can do this by adding a custom throw blanket to your room. Our custom throws are softer than cashmere yet lighter than wool, and they are the perfect way to add a touch of luxury to your space.

Our Roz Throw in Hunter is a cuddle magnet that you will want to snuggle up with every time you want to have a cozy movie night or just want to curl up in bed for some much-needed rest and relaxation. This plush throw blanket features a hand-painted pattern that is designed exclusively for Pepper, and it will look stunning draped over a loveseat or placed across your bed.

This gorgeous coverlet pairs perfectly with our soft custom pillows and will be sure to add warmth and elegance to your bedroom.

Add Sconces Above Your Bed

Another decorating idea that will take your bedroom to the next level is adding sconces above your bed. Bedroom wall sconces are typically hung above both sides of the bed, giving you gorgeous light to read by. Scones will provide a soft ambiance in your bedroom and will help this cozy room to look and feel like a relaxing oasis. 

Plus, having your lighting hung on the wall will also free up more room on your bedside table for you to store all of your nighttime accessories.

Create a Peaceful Atmosphere With MinimalistWall Art

If you want to create a peaceful atmosphere in your bedroom, you can do this by decorating your walls with minimalist wall art. Minimalist wall art is all about showcasing meaningful prints with a simple design that will help to focus your mind.

For your bedroom, you can hang a set of prints, such as some gorgeous waterside wall art, or hang one statement piece, such as a black and white abstract print or geometric map. Plants, quotes, and even family photos on canvas are also wonderful options that are peaceful yet inviting.

Top Your Bedspread With Custom Throw Pillows

A must-try decorating idea that is sure to make any bedroom beautiful is to top your bedspread with custom throw pillows. When selecting your throw pillows, try to pull inspiration from colors around your room. For example, choose a color that will match yet also contrast with your bedding, and that will look cohesive with the other colors in your bedroom.

If you love a pop of purple, we recommend pairing our soft Lilac Velvet Pillow with our Marina Sage Pillow. The colors of these pillows will make your bed look like a lush garden paradise. Here at Pepper, our custom throw pillows are crafted to last. 

You can even mix and match our pillows with plenty of print, size, and piping combinations. We offer custom pillow sizes ranging from lumbar pillows to Euro shams, and each of our pillows can be made using high-quality velvet, cotton, or linen, all lined with a backing fabric. 

If you have any questions about creating the custom pillows of your dreams, our Pillow Size Guide is here to help to create a functional and stylish pillow shape, and our Pillow FAQ can walk you through everything from Pillow Piping Basics and piping sample purchases to information on how to wash your pillowcase. 

Get Ready for a Bedroom Makeover

All in all, trying these bedroom decorating ideas will help you to add beauty and creativity when designing your bedroom space. Remember to match your new pieces with the colors in your room and to select patterns that will compliment your home’s interior design style. We hope you take this design inspiration and use it to give your space the ultimate bedroom makeover.



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