Pillow Piping Basics

Close up of art deco pattern custom pillow, blue plaid custom pillow and abstract sky blue pillow

Throw pillows can work wonders in infusing energy and color into any room. “There is no doubt that thoughtfully selected textiles bring life to any space,” designer Melissa Mahoney of Melissa Mahoney Design House says. "Throw pillows are a low commitment way to introduce bolder colors and patterns into your home.” But that’s not all—adding piping to your pillows is an excellent way to take these stylish textiles to the next level. If you’re not sure where to begin when it comes to customizing your pillows, designers offer their tried and true tips below.


Piping Takes Custom Pieces To The Next Level

Piping offers an additional opportunity to invoke personality into a space. “Piping is an addition that gives you the opportunity to turn up the volume of a space in a subtle but impactful way,” notes Molly Machmer-Wessels of Woodland Design Company. Designer Kelsey Haywood of haywoodmade agrees. “The added touch of customization can really elevate your home’s vibe,” she shares. And by no means do you need to go big with piping right away. “Start small on a lumbar pillow with a tonal color scheme in mind and build from there,” Haywood advises. “Who knows, you might love it so much you move to tapes, trims and fringe!”

Green floral custom pillows with lilac piping styled on a bed with purple geometic pillows and white pillows


Choosing Your Pillow Piping 

Not sure what color to select for your piping? Take a look at the three most common colors found with the space at hand, suggests designer Ashley Ross of Muse Noir Interiors. “It’s rare that three colors are going to be evenly distributed throughout the room, so choose the color you’d like to see more of and start there for the piping,” she adds.

"A piping detail can elevate the silhouette of a specific piece of furniture and draw attention to its shape. When we are selecting piping, sometimes we use it to pull a color from another element in the space to help tie it together, it can also be useful to break up the monotony of a solid fabric. Piping is an addition that gives you the opportunity to turn up the volume of a space in a subtle but impactful way.”

Moss green custom pillow with moss piping on a white chair in a nursery with blue gingham wallpaper

Design by Voge Interiors

Another approach is to either go bold with your pillow fabric pattern and pick a more neutral piping color, or vice versa, Mahoney says. After all, Mahoney says, “a safer neutral pillow pattern with a bolder accent color piping becomes an immediate conversation starter.” Like Ross, she suggests tying piping into “ an existing piece of furniture or artwork.”

Fern green custom pillow and art deco palm pattern custom pillow on a grey couch

Design by Pistachio Interiors

Prefer a look that’s a little more subdued? There are still ways to have fun with piping, shares designer Bethany Adams of Bethany Adams Interiors. “If neutrals are really your thing, though, even pillows with piping in various shades of white and beige can bring excitement and interest to a room,” Adams comments. “It’s all about contrast and confidence!” 

Sand colored botanical stripe pillow, beige chinoiserie tiger custom pillow and steel cotton custom pillow

Note that we make it easy to order pillow piping samples right to your door. Choose from 20 different colors and patterns and take a look at our offerings IRL before making that final decision!

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Looking for some piping inspo? Head to our #JustAddPepper page to see how our customers are customizing their pillows!