Designing A Timeless Nursery

When it comes time to start thinking about designing a nursery for your little one, it’s easy to get caught up in all of the adorable decor pieces associated with the newborn stage. But as enjoyable as it can be to decorate a space catered to a baby, keep in mind that your child will grow into his or her toddler years before you know it! You’ll appreciate being able to repurpose as many decorative pieces as possible as your son or daughter gets older, as it makes more sense to invest your time and money in creating a space that will continue to charm your child when she turns five.

In particular, we suggest opting for textiles that are welcoming and cheerful in nature yet don’t scream “baby.” While there are so many whimsical prints and patterns on the market that are designed specifically for newborn rooms, both you and your child may quickly tire of a specific theme. Instead of purchasing wallpaper with a circus motif, for example, focus on the vibrant hues associated with that theme that appeal to you. Maybe you’re drawn to reds and oranges for your child’s space, in which case, our Denton Orange wallpaper will satisfy your urge for bright color! Or perhaps you like the idea of animal designs but are struggling to find a print that isn’t ultra youthful—in comes our Daphne Yellow Canary print.

Note that Pepper makes it easy to order wallpaper swatches to review at home before committing to a specific pattern; simply select the designs that appeal to you and take a closer look at your convenience.

In terms of other nursery textiles such as curtains, you can choose to play with pattern or embrace a solid color (depending on what you decide to do with the nursery walls!). Again, it’s easy to touch upon a general nursery theme in a way that is understated and certainly not cheesy. If you like the idea of a coastal style nursery, our Suzy Sky curtain is an excellent pick. Our Cosmo Velvet curtain is perfect for a chic, Parisian inspired space.

*Design by Ashley Higgins Interiors 

Lastly, don’t forget about a rug for your little one’s room—kids spend tons of time playing on the floor, and you’ll want to stay comfortable as you take part in your fair share of make believe tea parties and board games in the coming years, too. Pepper’s line of area rugs in partnership with Loom & Co is excellent for kids’ spaces due to the brightly colored prints and peppy designs available.

It’s easy to create a nursery that is both playful and timeless by prioritizing textiles that will stand the test of time both in terms of quality and aesthetic. And as your child grows older and starts expressing an interest in decorating his or her own space, you can always continue to layer in smaller touches including throw pillows, framed art, and other small pieces that strike their fancy! 

Ready to design a nursery that will stand the test of time? Shop our Nursery & Kids collection!