Table Talk With Linda Hayslett

Brunette woman holding one Beige Chinoiserie Tiger custom pillow next to two over a Grey Floral custom lumbar pillow on white bed with a grey headboard

Los Angeles-based designer Linda Hayslett designed a dreamy tween's bedroom using some of our new neutral prints. Follow along to get to know Linda and see how she created a calming retreat for her client by adding touches of Frida Sand, Eden Grey, and Rosie


First off, tell us a little bit about yourself!

LH.Designs is a luxury boutique design firm based in Los Angeles, California with projects in the US and internationally. We specialize in full-service design projects from concept and planning to construction and design from furnishings to accessories and artwork. We are a total package in turning a house into a home or building a home from scratch for our clients.


How would you describe your style? 

My style is warm and contemporary with a modern Cali edge. I like mixing soft feminine items with strong structured masculine pieces with the occasional touch of neoclassicism.

White bed close-up styled with two Beige Chinoiserie Tiger custom pillow over two white lumbar pillows and a Grey Floral custom lumbar pillow with a grey headboard

Pictured here: 22" Frida Sand pillowEden Grey lumbar 

I find my inspiration through the bones of a home and when getting to know my clients. I like to hear about client's stories and lives to figure out what would work, design wise, in their home. Everyone has a story to tell and some can be romantic, which I love.


What was your design vision for the bedroom?

This bedroom was for my client's daughter who's a tween. I wanted to give her a sophisticated space that she could grow into as a teenager while maximizing her storage. I wanted her room to still feel sweet, though, because she has stuffed animals and fun kid games that she plays with.

Side bed close-up with two white lumbar pillows and a Grey Floral custom lumbar next to a light grey wall with two shelves with decorations and one Beige Animal Print custom pillow next to a brown pillow below

We gutted the entire 4,000 square foot home and did a complete remodel from top to bottom. I wanted to keep her room within the same modern, warm feel of the home we designed. That's why I kept it light, neutral and calming for her.


Walk us through how you styled the pillows! How did you choose which patterns and piping to use?

Close-up of Beige Animal Print custom pillow and a brown pillow with a shelve on top with decorations

Pictured here: 18" Rosie pillow piped in Pebble

I knew right away I wanted these pillows and patterns for this room. I thought they were the perfect mix of the soft and cozy for an 11 year old girl's room. I added piping for a sophisticated finishing touch. I don't think people use piping enough or think of it for a kid's room, so I loved that I was able to choose the Rosie 18" pillow with Pebble Piping. It was the perfect touch for the custom storage bench we designed in the space. She can just chill and hang out in that corner while reading a book.  

Bedroom with a grey headboard on white bed styled with three Beige Chinoiserie Tiger custom pillow over two white lumbar pillows and a Grey Floral custom lumbar pillow and two lamps hanging on wall on each side

Pictured here: (3) 22" Frida Sand pillows(1) Eden Grey lumbar 

The Frida Sand pillows were the perfect sweet touch as a backdrop to help the Eden Grey Lumbar pillow stand out on the daughter's bed. I wanted the lumbar pillow to stand out, and the darker grey compliments the upholstered bed we chose for the room. They all worked well together and made the room look sophisticated and complete, yet comfortable for a kid to want to hang out in as well.


How do you approach styling with different sizes? What's your rule of thumb for how many pillows go on a bed?

Depending on the size of the bed and whom it's for, I say five to six pillows on a bed is a good amount to go with. You can have less, if you want a minimal look, but five to six pillows seems just enough to me. Having the three big European sham pillows in the back, then two standard bed pillows with either a lumbar pillow or two smaller pillows in the front makes a bed feel full and ready to sleep in. More than that takes away from actually wanting to sleep on a bed, in my opinion, because it could feel too formal or stuffy. The back pillows are for support if you need to sit up, the standard pillows are for sleeping on, and the smaller pillows are for when you're just lounging and hanging. That's how I see it when styling a bed.

Brunette woman holding one Beige Chinoiserie Tiger custom pillow next to two over a Grey Floral custom lumbar pillow on white bed with a grey headboard


Do you stick to any design rules when mixing and matching patterns and colors?

I don't stick to design rules unless it has to do with codes for the city. Mixing and matching patterns and colors comes when you see the room start to come to life. Sometimes I like to pull a color out of one piece to bring the room together with other items, like I did here with the grays in the room. But, sometimes I see if the hues are in the same tone and will totally pull out other colors. Design is creative and rules are just there as guidance, but can always be broken.


One of our mottos is "a little goes a long way". What are a few ways to elevate your living room that don't require a full renovation or splurging on new furniture?

Pillows definitely are a great way to elevate a room as they can add a layer of luxury and comfort. Adding finished window treatments and stylish wallpaper can really make a room feel luxe and interesting in just one day. Just these few design elements will really change the look of a space and make it feel like a brand new place.


Favorite design book?

Home with Rue


Color crush of the moment?

Plum or Mustard. It's a tie between the two colors currently.


Wallpaper or paint?

Depends on the space and what I'm trying to achieve. 


Favorite project you've worked on?

All of them. I feel like all my projects are my children, so I can't just pick one.


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Close-up of Beige Chinoiserie Tiger custom pillow, Light Brown custom pillow, and Sand Colored Botanical Stripe custom pillow