Pepper Home x Kassatex Styling Tips

a white bathtub with a set of blue embroidered botanical stripe towels, coral embroidered botanical stripe towels, and sand embroidered botanical stripe pattern hung over the side of the bath tub

We’re excited to announce the launch of our latest collaboration with Kassatex featuring an assortment of bath linens and accessories that make decorating your bathroom easier than ever. Below, interior designers share how they would pair our new products with existing Pepper favorites to create a stylish getting ready space.


Use Wallpaper As a Starting Point

Don’t be afraid to have fun with a pop of wallpaper in your bathroom. “It can really personalize a builder bathroom where you didn’t have a lot of control over the finishes,” says Adnan Anwar, the founder of Adnan Anwar Design. “A lot of people worry about putting wallpaper in a bathroom due to moisture, but performance wallpaper and a skilled installer are a game changer.”

Powder blue chinoiserie wallpaper in a bathroom with white towels with coral embroidered botanical stripe hung on a gold metal rod with a shower and golden trimmed mirrors

Anwar suggests starting off by covering the walls in Thatcher Midnight performance wallpaper and then hanging up the Ginger custom shower curtain trimmed in Cadet blue velvet along the sides and bottom. “The abstract geometry of the curtain is a great contrast to the paper,” the designer says. “The velvet trim adds a luxurious touch to balance out the casual block print.”

Sky Blue Gingham shower curtain with sky blue velvet band hanging on rod in front of white tub in bathroom with blue and white tiles

Anwar maintains that no bathroom is complete without the right bath accessories and towels. Rather than storing toothbrushes in an ordinary ceramic vessel, place them inside of a vintage silver julep cup, the designer suggests. Then, play to Thatcher Midnight’s accent color with Kassatex’s Rossa accessories. “The new embroidered pink towels would be fabulous to add another texture to the room,” Anwar says.


Design a Whimsical Little Girl’s Bathroom

To create the perfect whimsical little girl’s bathroom, start out by pairing the Kassatex bath linens in Georgia Sand along with the Frida pink custom shower curtain, says Alisa Popelka, the founder of Alisa Christine Interiors. Then, weave in as many of the Le Marais bath accessories as you please, opting for the black colorway, she suggests.

Interior design moodboard with pink tiger chinoiserie shower curtain, white and sand floral embroidered towels and white scallop bath accessories

The Georgia Sand Kassatex bath linens would also look charming with the Annabelle Orchid custom shower curtain, says Taylor Fusco, the founder of Taylor Fusco Design. Add some blush pom pom trim and finish off the look with the Le Marais bath accessories in black. “The whimsy and playful elements of each accessory takes a bathroom to the next level without being matchy-matchy,” Fusco says.


Go Traditional with a Twist

This bathroom scheme is “very bright, playful, airy and a little whimsical,” says Mina Lisanin, the founder of ML Interiors. She recommends pairing the Daphne powder clay coated wallpaper with a sisal or jute bath mat, the sage custom shower curtain, and the Madeline custom cafe curtain on the windows. Then, weave in the Kassatex bath towels in Georgia Sand as well as the Rossa bath accessories. “As a finishing touch to the space, I would incorporate brass elements such as hardware, a wooden stool to place any extra bath towels, and of course a Sea Salt Velvet Custom Everything Pouch,” the designer adds.


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