How to Design Interior Spaces That Pop

interior design mood board with abstract floral blue and green wallpaper and fabric swatches, velvet teal and golden chartreuse fabric swatches and blue and green trim options

If you’ve always wanted to infuse more color into your home but aren’t sure where to start, designers are here to help! It’s time to say goodbye to bland beiges and hello to vibrant hues that are sure to put a smile on your face every time you see them. We spoke with five pros who chime in below with their go-to tips on how to design interior spaces that pop, whether you’re looking to go big or ease into your color journey.


Weave in Some Neutral Tones

Even in the most colorful of rooms, it’s wise to still incorporate some neutral pieces to ensure that the space remains grounded, says Danielle Chiprut, the founder of Danielle Rose Design Co.

Christina Nielsen will sometimes keep a room’s walls neutral and go all in with colorful accent pieces. “A neutral wall will more or less disappear with a gallery wall or a single vibrant piece, and utilizing color via textiles on soft furnishings, even something as small as pillows, makes a big impact,” says the founder of Christina Nielsen Design. “Upholstery is also less of a headache and an expense to change over time, should a certain color become too much, versus redoing your walls.”

Blonde woman standing behind a couch in a living room with a beige striped couch styled with blue and pink accent pillows


Color Drench Your Space

If you’re someone who wants to really go all in with color, say yes to color drenching, which entails painting the entire room in one hue, going all in on the walls, ceiling, trim, and doors. “This gives a very dramatic effect and only requires one decision of a color,” says Jennifer McKissick, who greatly enjoys this look. She recommends using a high-gloss or lacquered finish to really ensure the color pops. “If you want more texture, this can also be achieved by using a colored wallpaper and then color-matching the trim and door paint,” adds the founder of Jennifer McKissick Interior Design.

Powder bathroom with blue ikat wallpaper and a matching blue ikat roman shade paired with blue window trim, brass accessories and a white sink


Try a Contrast Piping

On the other hand, maybe you’re looking to ease into the use of color and prefer an approach that’s more subtle. Mary Kathryn Wells, the founder of Mary Kathryn Wells Interior Design, loves to incorporate a contrast piping on upholstery or throw pillows when possible. She notes that this tactic is “a really easy way to bring in color and unexpected choices for those who are a little more nervous about it.”

Close up of a bed with blue gingham pillow piped in red and a sky velvet bolster piped in red next to a window with blue gingham curtains and red rick rack trim


Hang Wallpaper

Jenn Acito, the founder of Dama + Wood, is partial to wallpaper as an instant way to add color to a room. “I would start in a small room or a hallway if you are nervous,” she says. “Once you paper one thing, you’ll be addicted!”

Dining room with green art deco wallpaper and green velvet curtains hanging on two windows behind a dark wooden table


Look to the Color Wheel

Drawing on color theory is one way to easily determine some hues that will shine in your home. “Pay attention to which colors are opposite of eachother on the color wheel—blue and orange, purple and green, et. cetera,” McKissick says. “Pairing these colors together is always visually appealing and impactful.”

Interior design moodboard and fabric inspirations with Sky Blue Pattern Printed swatch, Navy and Blue Printed Swatch, sky blue printed swatch, Art Deco Palm Pattern Swatch, and orange touches throughout


Pay Attention to Texture

In neutral spaces, textural elements are key to ensure that a room doesn’t fall flat. Just because you’re bringing together a mixture of colors within a space doesn’t mean that you should disregard this step altogether. ​​”Don't be afraid to experiment with different textures and finishes,” Chiprut says. “Unique touches really make a room come to life!”