Style Guide: Penelope Curtains

Product style guide including Green Floral Custom Curtains, Green chair, Oak Dresser, Light-brown Nightstand, Green striped rug, oak four poster bed, Urban electric hanging light, Green Vase with a paper geranium plant, Green bedspread, Cream and oak upholstered bench, Two printed trays, and White Medium Lamp

Room I: Penelope Moss Curtains

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Penelope Moss Curtains, Whitley Chair: Made Goods, Kira Oak Dresser: Dear Keaton, Gustav Bedside Table: Trove London, Sailor Rug in Sage: Brooke & Lou, Whitaker Four Poster Bed: Serena & Lily, Pencombe Hanging Light: Urban Electric, Geranium Plant: The Green Vase, Benekli Bedspread: Birdie Fortescue, Ambleside Bench: Lulu & Georgia, Duo of Trays: Beata Heuman, Linden Table Lamp: Kelly Wearstler


Product style guide including Floral Navy Custom Curtains, Green modern swivel chair, Green cane console table, Blue velvet sofa, Rattan Hanging Light, Artwork with blue tones mixed with some pale green shades, Grasscloth side table, Blue marbleized lamp, Hand knotted rug, beech wood and natural woven cane coffee table, Green Floral Custom Pillow, and Blue Ikat Custom Pillow

Room II: Penelope Midnight Curtains

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Penelope Midnight Curtains, Skylar Swivel Chair: Ballard DesignsIsla Cane Console Table: Society Social, Belmont Sofa: Lulu & Georgia, Rattan Hanging Light: Soane Britain, Art: Susan Hable, Papyrus Side Table: Dear Keaton, Marbleized Lamp: Furbish Studio, Yuvari HK Rug: A Rum Fellow, Gaia Coffee Table: Ceraudo, Penelope Moss Pillow, Alice Pillow


Product style guide including Floral Pink Custom Curtain, Cream sofa, Rose armchair, Petri print artwork, Patterned table lamp, Upholstered blue ottoman, Blue garden stool, Sky Blue velvet custom pillow, Floral Pink Custom Pillow, Abiline Side Table, Sky Scalloped Rug, and Mezan chandelier

Room III: Penelope Rose Curtains

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Penelope Rose Curtains, Beaumont Cream Sofa: Sunday Shop, Fritillaria chair: Sunday Shop, Art: Petri Prints, The Weymouth Table Lamp: Soane Britain, Essex Ottoman: Serena & Lily, Silla Garden Stool: Burke Decor, Sky velvet pillow, Penelope rose pillow, Abiline Side Table: Brooke & Lou, Sky Scalloped Rug: Trove London, Mezan Pendant: Aerin Home