Table Talk With Natalie Steen

Blonde woman standing in the corner while holding brown chair in front of her styled with a blue green wallpaper next to a Blue Ikat Stripe Custom Curtain

Natalie Steen is the founder of the cult-favorite weekly newsletter, The Nat Note. Her weekly notes include ready-to-shop styles and home decor finds that will leave you craving a new wardrobe and a home revamp. If you aren't familiar with the newsletter, sign up now, and thank us later!

We've had the pleasure of getting to know Natalie as she designed some custom curtains for her Houston, Texas home. Not surprisingly, her home is filled with chic finds, colorful walls, and plenty of pattern play! Follow along to see how she styled her bespoke Alice and Sky Velvet curtains.


First off, tell us a little bit about yourself!

I am a creative consultant and the creator of The Nat Note, a fashion newsletter delivering curated shopping suggestions for women, children and the home in my signature collages - the “Notes”. What began as a creative outlet for me when I began practicing law in 2016 is now a coveted newsletter with loyal subscribers - and my fresh, bold style acts as a filter for the finds I share each week. I'm a Cuban-American, Miami, Florida native living in Houston, Texas with my husband Jamey and our sons, Whit (3) and George (11 months).

Blonde woman sitting on brown chair in front of Blue Irate Stripe Custom Curtains. Nursery room with baby and white armchair next to an illuminated window styled with Sky Blue Velvet Custom Curtains


What does your home say about you?

I hope it says that I’m thoughtful - both about the decor details and also the intentions that I’m motivated by. I want my home to be a place associated with happiness - not just because of what it looks like, but because of how it makes people feel. I want guests and friends to associate it with warm welcomes and good times, I want our families to think of it with fond memories, and I want my kids to think of their home as where they would always prefer to be. My way of trying to achieve this was to imbue my home with color, cozy, collected elements and familiar schemes that invite whoever enters to stay awhile & put their feet up (with a cocktail, usually).

Blonde mother carrying baby touching a big stuffed giraffe in front of an illuminated window styled with Sky Blue Velvet Custom Curtains


With two little ones at home, how do you balance creating a space that’s both stylish and functional?

If I’m honest with myself (and you) - I usually opt for stylish over functional. But I remain realistic (with some help from my husband) and instead of feeling like I’m sacrificing one for the other, I try to incorporate practical elements that still feel in line with our aesthetic. For example, we opted for these magnetic art gallery displays in our playroom and Whit’s masterpieces are now on display next to some of our favorite art.

Close-up of Sky Blue Velvet Custom Curtain


Walk us through how you styled your husband’s office with our Alice curtains! What drew you to the pattern?

With walls painted Sherwin Williams “moody blue,” the Alice curtains were an easy choice. The ikat-esque design seems to pick up every shade of blue and added a welcome playful and fresh touch to a room dominated by otherwise masculine, more serious elements.

Blonde woman sitting in room corner styled with brown chairs in front of an illuminated window with Blue Ikat Stripe Custom Curtains


We’re obviously all about accessorizing! Tell us a little bit about your curtain rod choice for Alice!

How lucky are we that the previous owners left this fun lucite rod behind?!

Close-up of Blue Ikat Stripe Custom Curtain on clear rod with gold touches


We love the blue and green decor in your son’s nursery! What was your design vision for the space?

As a mom of two boys, I’ve been drawn to blue and green since the very start. While my older son has graduated to a room with more navy and hunter green, the nursery still feels like a dreamy and peaceful happy place with its pale blue and lighter sage tones. The Sky Velvet curtains keep the room grounded and make it feel polished and finished (although we’re still working on some things in here - full view coming soon!).

Baby on white armchair in front of Sky Blue Velvet Custom Curtains. Mother holding baby in nursery room in front of Sky Blue Velvet Custom Curtains next to a big stuffed giraffe


Any tips for designing a kids space that they won’t outgrow?

If you can, incorporate elements that will stand the test of time (not just in quality, but also in aesthetic).  The art and wall colors and things that occupy the shelves might change and mature as they do, but good furniture, window treatments and other fixtures can remain staples when chosen smartly. Worry less about matching these to things that are not permanent (a changing table, crib sheets, etc.) - and instead invest in pieces that you will love and use long-term.


Not every window is the same, which is why we offer custom curtains at a length that works for you. How did you decide what curtain length to choose for each space?

With some hand-holding from the curtain calculator on your site. :)


Loving Natalie's custom curtains? Shop Alice and Sky Velvet to create your dream look! 

Close up of Blue Ikat Stripe Custom Curtain. Sky Blue Velvet Custom Curtains on a black rod in front of an illuminated window with a white dog sitting on a fern green velvet chair