Wallpaper Design for Bedroom

Wallpaper Design for Bedroom

It’s no secret that your walls are the largest element at play when it comes to interior design and home decor. That means your walls are an important feature to keep in mind when designing the different styles of your room. 

It’s also wise to consider how you want this feature to play in your interior design. Do you want your walls to play a feature role or serve as a subtle yet elegant backdrop for other furnishings? 

One of our favorite ways to decorate walls is with beautiful wallpaper. Not only is wallpaper easier to install than paint, but custom wallpaper can also be designed to match your other furnishings and help the style of the room flow together seamlessly.

One room we want to talk about in particular regarding wallpaper design is the bedroom. This space for rest and relaxation deserves special attention, as you want to cultivate an atmosphere for rest while being able to exude your personal favorite styles. 

Join us as we explore bedroom wallpaper ideas that will easily elevate your interior design.

How Do You Pick Wallpaper for a Bedroom? Bedroom Design Tips

Wallpaper Design for Bedroom

The first question to ask yourself when choosing wallpaper for your bedroom is how you narrow down and pick the right wallpaper. There are a few key elements to keep in mind during this key aspect of choosing bedroom decor. 

Let’s explore ways to help you pick which style will make your sleeping space shine, whether it’s the master bedroom or a guest bedroom.

A Consistent Color Palette

When you’re choosing bedroom wallpaper, you want to make sure to pick the right color wallpaper to color coordinate with other elements of your room. This will ensure that all furnishing flows seamlessly together. 

You can do this by using wallpaper to highlight key colors found throughout your room. For example, wallpaper with hints of green would be the perfect complement to the velvet green armchair in a bedroom reading nook.

To easily color-coordinate your wallpaper with your bedroom furnishings, it’s a good idea to get familiar with the color scheme of your room. Take note of your favorite colors and furnishings, as well as what colors you see come up consistently. Then, search for wallpapers that incorporate more and more of these colors. It’s the easiest way to tie your color scheme together with one simple piece of wall decor!

Another fantastic way to easily color-coordinate your bedroom wallpaper with other elements of your space is with our wallpaper paint guide. This is perfect if you’re looking to paint other elements of your room, such as trimming or other walls, but it’s also an easy way to get color inspiration for other furnishings or decor throughout your bedroom.

Order Swatches Before Installing

Once you’ve found some bedroom wallpapers that you feel would look good in your space, it’s a fantastic idea to try them out in real life without all the commitment of choosing one straight away. 

You can do this by ordering affordable swatches with your favorite motifs and patterns! With these removable swatches from our design studio, you can compare and contrast options with the different furnishings in your bedroom.

Use a Wallpaper Calculator

When picking out the right wallpaper for your room design, color and pattern aren’t the only important elements to keep in mind. 

You also want to make sure you know what size your walls are so that you’re able to order the correct amount of yards of wallpaper. You can easily do this with our wallpaper calculator. Simply enter the dimensions of your room, and our calculator does the rest for you!

Find Room Ideas Online

One of the best things about the internet today is the abundance of resources you have the access to at the tip of your fingers. You can find design inspiration through videos, mood boards, social media, news articles, and so much more. 

You can even read articles written by experts that can give you more detailed solutions to niche design interests.

Consult a Design Expert

If you’re looking for something custom or would simply like to talk to someone familiar with your specific bedroom wallcovering, you can also request complimentary design assistance from our in-house experts.

Some of Our Favorite Wallpaper Designs for Bedrooms

Wallpaper Design for Bedroom

While all wallpaper is worthy of praise, we want to talk about some of our favorite bedroom wallpaper designs that are trending right now. These eye-catching designs are perfect for bedrooms, from moody hues to bright pastels.

Thatcher Forest

Thatcher forest is a simple yet detailed design that evokes the colors its name implies, with subtle greens and blues perfect for a calming bedroom. The geometric wallpaper evokes the retro art deco style of the 1920s and ‘30s as a modern nod to the classic style of the twentieth century.

Denton Sage

Denton Sage is the perfect patterned wallpaper for someone who wants a bit of pattern but not too much to overwhelm the eye. The simple swatches of sage green provide the perfect backdrop for wall decor, even possibly for a gallery wall. 

Custom bed pillows made from sage cotton fabric are the perfect way to add a pop of wall color to other elements of your bedroom.

Suzy Lilac

Suzy Lilac is a fresh new spin on the classic art deco style. With handpainted palms in the classic scallop style, the light-colored pastel pinks with the lilac background provide the perfect combination of light and moody for a bedroom. Suzy Lilac also is the perfect pattern to create an accent wall. Pair this wallpaper with the cosmo velvet fabric for the perfect pop of color.

Emma Sand

Our Emma Sand is a light tan print that evokes the beaches along the mediterranean sea or a beachfront villa in the pacific. This coastal print is perfect as a subtle backdrop in your bedroom. Its light colors will ensure a pleasant and bright bedroom during the day and a night of peaceful sleep once the curtains are closed.

If you’re looking for the perfect fabric for a pop of contrasting yet complementary color, the Walnut velvet fabric is just for you. We recommend creating custom throw pillows with this fabric to add to your bedding and help tie your bedroom’s style together.

Denton Sky

Denton in Sky is the perfect mellow bedroom wallpaper. Its simple design that evokes the soft blue of the sky with small patches of white clouds is a fabulous addition to a dreamy bedroom. Not to mention that blue is the perfect color to help calm you down for a night of deep sleep.

One easy way to add a bit more intricate patterns to your bedroom while remaining in the same color scheme is with the Eden Blue fabric. 

This design is more detailed but also contains the same beautiful sky blue as the Denton Sky bedroom wallpaper. You can use this fabric to create custom pillows or custom upholstery to seamlessly match elements of your decor.

Daphne Powder

The Daphne Powder wallpaper is one of our favorite bedroom wallpaper ideas. This fun and floral wallpaper is perfect as an accent wall in a bedroom or to cover all the walls if you’re looking for a more maximalist style. This pattern, reminiscent of chinoiserie design, is an elegant way to add mellow blues and beautiful brushstrokes to your bedroom walls.

The midnight cotton fabric is one of the best that you can pair with the Daphne powder wallpaper. We recommend a headboard with custom upholstery in this fabric. Whether your Daphne powder wallpaper is a feature wall behind your headboard or the wallpaper for all your bedroom walls, this fabric will look perfect as a headboard or custom pillow.

Just Add Pepper

Applying wallpaper to your bedroom walls is one of the most convenient and affordable ways to renovate your bedroom walls without a hassle. Whether you’re looking to create a single feature wall or change up all of the walls in your bedroom, custom wallpaper is the easiest way to do this. 

With the right tools in mind when picking out your custom bedroom wallpaper, you’re sure to feel confident in the process. Once you’ve browsed some of our favorite bedroom wallpapers, you can get an idea of what color scheme you’re going for and how to proceed. You can even take advantage of ordering swatches to try out at home before making the commitment so that you can see how fabrics will look in your space without the guesswork.

We hope this leaves you feeling comfortable and confident in picking out the right wallpaper for your bedroom. Whether you’re doing a bedroom remodel or simply looking for a way to spruce up your space, custom bedroom wallpaper will always be a good idea!


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