Baby Boy Nursery Ideas for Your New Baby

Nursery room corner with kid’s books on shelves and white drawers in front of an illuminated window with Sky and Navy Blue Poppy custom curtain and Green Tiger custom wallpaper on the ceiling

Completely redesigning a room can be as overwhelming as it is exciting. Taking this process step-by-step can make the transition a bit smoother, especially when you’re simultaneously preparing to welcome a new bundle of joy into your home. 

With a new addition to your family, a home makeover is bound to be in order. Baby-proofing cupboards and outlets pale in comparison to the task of taking the first step towards decorating a nursery for your new little one. 

While it might be tempting to start buying paint and hanging curtains spontaneously, we have a few tips to help you create a more cohesive and thoughtful layout before you welcome home your new baby boy. 

Our 10 Favorite Nursery Ideas for Baby Boys

Light Blue Patterned Curtains

Curtains are a wonderful starting point when choosing a color palette for your redesigned room. Choosing a light blue color scheme will create a calming atmosphere for both you and your new baby boy. 

Take a look through Pepper Home’s light blue curtain offerings for a variety of hues and patterns perfect for your nursery. Match these with our custom pillows, an accent wall, or design features inspired by our helpful Style Guides.

Our blackout curtains are perfect for a nursery, as they obscure 100% of the light coming through your windows, whether that’s moonlight, sunlight, or artificial lights like cars and streetlights. 

When you create customizable curtains with Pepper Home, you’ll want to make sure they fit your windows perfectly. Thankfully, our Curtain Calculator is here to help you figure out which type of curtains you should order based on the dimensions of your windows and the construction style you want to use. 

Use this tool — and our handy measurement and installment guide — to choose between our myriad construction, fabrication, width, and trim options.

Whether you choose something subtle and refined like our Ginger Sky print or something fun like our Hockney Sky design, these baby blue curtains will provide a welcome aura of calm to any room.

An Armchair With a Poppy Blue Pillow

Blue Background with Blue With Intricate Tiger Design custom pillow, Sky Blue Botanical Stripe custom pillow, Blue With Intricate Tiger Design custom pillow, and Sky Blue Pattern custom pillow

A cozy armchair with a poppy blue pillow is not only a stylish addition to your baby’s room but a functional one as well. This armchair is more than just a chair — it’s a place to sit, nurse, and bond.

A custom pillow from Pepper Home has as many wonderful possibilities as our custom curtain designs. Choose between velvet, cotton, and linen pillows with a variety of piping options, including sky blue, fern green velvet, and cherry red cotton. You can mix and match your lining for a complementary hue or choose an entirely blue design for a calming and cohesive style. Our Pillow Size Guide can help you easily determine the perfect pillow size for your armchair — with a few design recommendations, too.

If you’re stuck between two options (or don’t know where to start), email us at for complimentary design assistance from our in-house design experts.

Each of Pepper Home’s custom pillows and curtains is sustainably made in the U.S. and ships within seven business days, so you can easily fill your new nursery with design accents tailored to your needs.

Blue Tiger Wallpaper

Blue tiger wallpaper such as our Frida Blue style combines the calming properties of cool-toned hues with a lively and fun print sure to entertain your baby boy for years to come.

Adopting a theme for your nursery is a fun and easy option that could help guide the rest of your design choices moving forward. Consider safari-themed accents and decor alongside this blue tiger curtain design, like an animal-themed mobile above your crib or a jumbo giraffe stuffed animal. 

Even if you choose not to go the safari-themed route, this wallpaper is a wonderful and stylish addition to any child’s bedroom. 

Our Wallpaper Calculator makes it easier than ever to buy wallpaper that effortlessly fits any wall in any room, taking trimming and pattern alignment into account so that you can be confident in your purchase.

Blue Abstract Wallpaper

Brunette woman smiling holding baby with pink bow over Blue Ikat Stripe custom wallpaper

A cool color palette can be a calming choice for your baby boy nursery. While coming home is a joyful occasion ready to be celebrated, it can also be overstimulating for your little bundle of joy. A peaceful color palette can help ease your baby boy into his new home in style.

By choosing abstract patterns, you can take this calming theme even further by avoiding any loud designs that might further overwhelm your newborn — we can save the maximalism for the Terrible Twos.

When choosing a blue wallpaper design from Pepper Home, try a few of our Wallpaper Swatches on for size to ensure that your design fills your space without looking too busy. 

Each room has unique wallpaper needs. Maybe your nursery is ready for all-over wallpaper from floor-to-ceiling, or perhaps an accent wall is calling your name. You won’t know until you try!

Moss Green Curtains

Pepper Home offers a variety of Moss Green Curtain patterns to choose from. Whether you are looking for something floral, extravagant, or simple, you will be pleased with the options offered. 

Moss green is a cool tone that won’t make your space too dark or cavernous. Pairing these curtains against a white wall will enhance the vibrancy of the green while keeping your space light and airy. 

Also, green is another calming color. Use it to beautifully contrast a yellow wall or create a cohesive design when paired with that classic baby blue. 

These calming curtains can also be an inspiration when creating a theme or color palette for your room. Let these curtains inspire you to create a forest or fairytale-themed space complete with wall murals and twinkle lights. 

Construction options like tailored pleat, grommet, pinch pleat, rod pocket, and ring top each add a unique finishing touch to any curtain design. Meanwhile, trim options like pom poms, tassels, rick racks, and bands can seamlessly incorporate hints of your carefully-selected color palette.

Just like our wallpaper options, you can send swatches of our curtain fabrics directly to your home. This way, you can see our moss green options in your space before committing to a curtain design.

Soft Sky-Blue Throws

Corner with pink wallpaper and one towel hanging on each side of corner on top of two folded towels and a rolled towel on top

A soft sky-blue throw such as the James Throw in the Sky is the perfect piece to continue a cohesive blue theme throughout your space or add pops of blue to an existing color palette. This detailed but simple design is a lovely throw to pair with your other Pepper Home pieces. 

Accents such as throws are integral to your space when cultivating a warm and inviting atmosphere. If you’re using cool tones like lighter blues, it may be a good idea to use a combination of patterns and solids to fill the space to elevate your style. 

Placing a few of these throws throughout the room can help you use the rule of thirds to your advantage — think of it draped over the side of your new crib, the back of a rocking chair, or in a wicker basket with other blankets.

DIYMinimalist Canvas Art

Try your hand at a do-it-yourself project such as making canvas art. You could try this project with your partner, friends, or the rest of the family. This personal touch will warm up your nursery and make the room feel like home. 

You may also choose to commission an artist for your canvas art instead or incorporate a mix of professional and DIY pieces. DIY projects can be a fun way to create special memories, but professional assistance can ensure that your canvas art looks as good on the wall as it did in your imagination.

Following tutorials online, there are many avenues you could take a DIY mural. This mural can match your custom Pepper Home designs or add an element of surprise to your space. Because it’s so uniquely your own, you can carefully pick and choose your mural’s colors to match the rest of the palette you’ve chosen for your space.

This is another opportunity to incorporate characters that relate to any theme that you’ve chosen, such as jungle animals for a safari theme or gnomes for a forest theme.

A Wooden Changing Table

A wooden changing table is a furniture choice that can offer a bit of warmth in a classically-inspired space.

A darker-toned wood will look decadent against nearly any palette, especially the blues and greens we’ve mentioned above. Our Style Guides offer plenty of inspiration for wooden furniture pieces, whether you’re using it as a functional prop in a forest-themed space or 

Given a forest theme, the wooden changing table will also act as a functional prop, and it’s obviously a stylish touch.

A White Crib or Bassinet

A white crib or bassinet is another functional and stylish addition to your nursery. Choosing white for your crib will make it easy to pair with a variety of designs and color choices, as you can see in our Nursery Style Guide

We’ve placed a stylish white crib next to light blue and bold blue nursery designs, but the world is your oyster when it comes to colorful pairings for this fundamental design piece. The beauty of a white crib is that it can pair perfectly with any palette or room design, whether you’re looking for a shabby chic addition to your space, a sleek and modern touch, or a calming neutral accent piece.

White Furniture for a Modern Nursery Look

The benefits of white furniture don’t end with your crib. Continuing a white theme with your furniture can add a stylishly modern element to your design and bring elegance into a playful space. This will also make pairing furniture with your accent walls, custom pillows, custom curtains, throw blankets, and sheets that much easier. 

Create the Perfect Nursery for Your New Baby

Use these tips and tricks to create a design scheme for your baby boy that you can be excited about. You can use these ideas as inspiration as you explore Pepper Home’s designs to find the perfect fit for your room makeover. 

If you are still looking for design tips, please take advantage of the complimentary design experts offered by Pepper Home. We’re excited to help you create your dream nursery for your adorable baby boy.



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