Should You Get Custom Pillows Made?

White bed with blue floral headboard styled with two Sky Blue Pattern Custom Pillows and two tall white lamps on each side of the bed

There are so many easy ways to spruce up a space in your home. From a complete home makeover to something simple like a new rug, the opportunities for adding little meaningful details are endless. One of our favorite ways to accessorize a room is through custom pillows. 

Custom pillows are an easy way to add design to a space, and they are so versatile — and they make fantastic keepsakes or the perfect gifts for a loved one. We recommend having a rotation of custom pillow cases on hand so that you can make little changes to your home based on your mood or the season. 

Regardless of how you plan to use your custom pillows, we’ve outlined the top reasons to invest in your own pillows and how best to add them to your room decor or give them as housewarming gifts.

5 Reasons To Get Custom Throw Pillows

Get Personalized Pillows That Perfectly Fit Your Decor

One of the best ways to tie a room together in a new home (or your current space) is through small furnishings like wall art and accessories, and custom pillows are no exception. 

While some people choose to furnish their homes with custom photo pillows, which are printed with their favorite photos, we recommend opting for a more timeless style when looking for home decor or gift ideas. That’s why the personalized pillows we’re talking about aren’t photo throw pillows — they’re patterned and colored to fit the elegant style of your home.

In fact, they’re especially easy to match with your decor if you take advantage of the perfect pairs we’ve already curated for you. This way, you have different fabrics and wallpaper templates that blend well already picked out for you.

While trying to decide which themes and colors best suit your rooms, don’t forget to take a peek at our Custom Design Style Guides and Spice Market for product recommendations and inspiration.

Make Your Home Decor Unique

Living room in front of kitchen with two blue velvet armchairs styled with an Art Deco Palm Pattern Custom Pillow on each in front of a glass coffee table with green and white flowers in clear vase on top

Personalized throw pillows are also an excellent way to customize your home decor for a look that is unique and personalized. Mass-produced furnishings end up in homes all over the country. With customized pillows, you can ensure your space is curated specifically for you. 

We suggest considering what elements of design are the most important to you. Figuring out what you like best and what you want to avoid is a great starting point when customizing your home. This will also ensure that your space is not only unique but is also a great representation of your personal style. Whether you love to decorate with your own photos, canvas prints, or textiles, you can easily fit throw pillows and custom pillow covers into your overall decor style.

Choose the Ideal Shape and Size

In a similar vein, you can pick out the ideal shape and size of your pillows if you customize them. Different locations in the home call for different needs. You may want a uniquely shaped pillow to add an eye-catching element to your home, or perhaps you need pillows of a specified size for your bedroom decor.

The Euro Sham is our favorite pillow for bedroom decor. However, for living spaces, simple square pillows may be the best way for you to go. We also recommend layering pillows on the sofa. You can pair an 18-inch pillow over a 22-inch pillow for some added pattern and color.

Pick From Countless Prints and Colors

lose-up of an oat linen armchair styled with a Blue Chinoiserie Custom Lumbar Pillow and a monogrammed pillow that has the phrase “I would prefer not to”

When you customize your pillows, you have an endless supply of colors and patterns to choose from. This ensures that your pillows are unique and fit perfectly with the rest of your home decor. 

We love layering a solid-colored pillow, perhaps with a distinct texture like velvet, with a pillow with a pattern that matches well. You can also pair two pillows that have complementary patterns together. We’ve even curated perfect pairs for our different custom pillow fabrics.

We recommend ordering swatches of different patterns you’re torn between so that you can see how they pair with different furnishings in your home. Better yet, you can have multiple custom pillows that you can rotate out when you feel like seeing something fresh in your home.

Get Pillow Design Assistance From Experts

You don’t have to go it alone when you’re picking out the best custom pillows. Instead, take advantage of the endless amount of design advice you can find from experts. Whether you’re exploring our Style Guides for inspiration or seeking out design articles, there are plenty of sources available for design advice.

Of course, we recommend getting personalized design advice by reaching out to our in-house design experts. Just use our complimentary design assistance for any home decorating need, and we’ll give you personalized advice within three business days.

How Do You Choose the Perfect Custom Pillows for Your Home?

Living room with orange velvet couch styled with two Sky Blue Pattern Custom Pillows next to a circular red side-table with a black lamp on top and dessert artwork hung on wall

With all the reasons you should get custom pillows in mind, you then have to ask yourself which pillows are right for your home. Even further, you’ll want to figure out which pillows you need in which room. 

Find Your Home’s Color Palette

Narrowing down your home’s color scheme is vital when accessorizing your space. This will allow you to create small accents through color as well as ensure that your decor flows together. It will also help you when it comes to future decoration plans: Do you want to re-vamp your living room with some new custom curtains soon or create an accent wall in your bedroom?

There are several ways you can figure out your home’s color palette. We recommend taking an inventory of the furnishings already in your space, especially large pieces or those with bold colors. You can even create a digital or physical collage to really see how all those colors and patterns work together. 

If you have big pieces of furniture with patterns, a great way to use your home’s color palette is to add pillows that match the lesser-used colors in these patterns. This will help these colors really pop. Adding design elements like colored piping can also help your pillows match multiple colors within your room’s color scheme.

Match Pillows With Your Home’s Design Style

In much the same vein, matching your pillows to your home's different design and pattern styles helps tie the space together. If you have patterns in your home, we recommend getting pillows that match. Matching your custom pillows to furnishings like curtains and wallpaper is an easy way to bring that patterned element to other parts of the room.

You can also incorporate some pattern matching in your home. While some people do not like having too many patterns in a room, you definitely can incorporate multiple. We’ve even curated fabric patterns that look great with other fabric and wallpaper patterns so that you can match elements of your home together, like curtains and wallpaper.

Another great way to pair your custom pillows with your home’s design is to add throw blankets to the mix. These blankets are a convenient way to add more patterns to a sofa or bed. They also pair perfectly with those pillows you use for decorative purposes, like Euro Shams and sofa pillows. There are so many ways you can decorate with throw blankets — the opportunities are endless!

Choose a Variety of Sizes and Shapes

One of the features we love the most in custom pillows is that they come in so many shapes and sizes. Color and pattern are important elements in design, of course, but so are texture and shape. You can incorporate a fun element into your home by using eclectically textured or shaped pillows.

We love adding a new texture element to your space through velvet. A light velvet pillow adds a humble but fun element to any sofa. You can also use dark velvet pillows for bold accent pieces throughout your home. We love to texture-match our furnishings with our accent pillows, so we recommend pairing some velvet curtains with custom pillows to match.

So, what are some popular shapes for your custom pillows? Well, the lumbar pillow is great for decorating bedrooms and nurseries. This pillow shape is also useful for lumbar support, which is especially helpful for working professionals who sit for long periods of time.

Another popular pillow style for the bedroom is the euro sham. These large square pillows mostly serve a decorative purpose, but they’re also great if you want to sit up and remain comfortable while in bed. We love to layer a few euro shams furthest back on the bed with a couple of lumbar pillows on top for a fun juxtaposition of shapes.

You can always stick to the classics, though. A simple square pillow of any size looks great on any sofa, chair, or bed. We love adding a few square pillows to rocking chairs, especially those that match the rest of the decor in your nursery. 

When in doubt, our Pillow Size Guide can help you pick the ideal pillow sizes to fit your existing furniture. 

Start Customizing Your Perfect Pillows

Custom pillows are such an excellent way to decorate your home — and they make perfect Father’s Day or Mother’s Day gifts as well. In addition to being great gifts, they allow you to create a space that is unique to you, and they’re the perfect way to tie together all the elements of your home. Because you can match custom pillows with other customizable aspects of your home, they’re an easy way to ensure that your style flows well throughout the entire house. 

With a little help from this guide, you should have no problem designing the perfect custom pillows for your home. Pillows from Pepper Home are sustainably made in the United States and ship within seven business days, so you can enjoy comfort and style in no time at all.



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