Where To Use Cafe Curtains

Powder bathroom with maroon and cream tulip wallpaper and a brown vanity next to a window with sheer cafe curtains

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new cafe curtains, which are available in all of our patterned and solid cotton fabrics as well as five new sheers. Here, we’re sharing some pro-approved tips and tricks about how to use cafe curtains on windows, doors, cabinets, and more.


Merits of Cafe Curtains

Cafe curtains are a designer favorite. “Cafe curtains are a classic and should be in your arsenal,” says Adnan Anwar, the founder of Adnan Anwar Design. “There is something very charming and casual about them—a full length drape just isn't the right vibe for every room.”

Because cafe curtains are small in scale, they allow for an opportunity to experiment a bit with bolder fabrics, resulting in “an enhanced aesthetic appeal,” says Louise Hane, the founder of Louise Hane Interior Design.

In addition to their decorative benefits, cafe curtains are seen as quite practical and functional, too. “They provide privacy while allowing natural light to shine in,” says designer Pamela Nast.

They’re also easy to operate. “They’re much easier to operate than a roman shade, which can be cumbersome to continually open and close, making them a great option for kids' rooms,” says Mary Beth Christopher, the founder of MBC Interior Design.

When it comes to choosing cafe curtains for your home, keep your desired aesthetic top of mind. “Pleated styles work well in farmhouse design, while flat panels are more contemporary or transitional,” Nast says.


Use Cafe Curtains in the Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most common places where cafe curtains are utilized. Oftentimes, kitchen windows aren’t adorned with any window treatments at all. However, you can add personality and pattern to the kitchen by hanging cafe curtains while also blocking harsh light streaming into the space during the day. This may be especially key if your kitchen features a window above the sink, meaning that area may become uncomfortably bright as you stand there rinsing dishes certain hours.

Close up of a black and white marble kitchen sink with a window behind it covered with sheer cafe curtains and green painted window trim


Use Cafe Curtains All Over the First Floor of Your Home

Cafe curtains will shine in a number of living areas. “They are perfect in a staircase window, entry window, and dining room, especially windows facing towards the street or to a neighbor’s house that is a bit too close,” Nast says. Cafe curtains allow light in through the top half of the window while covering the bottom half, meaning that you won’t be totally blocking light into these gathering spaces, but those outside or driving by won’t be able to peer directly into your home.


Hang Cafe Curtains in the Bathroom

Grey Joyner, the founder of Grey Joyner Interiors, considers cafe curtains to be an ideal solution for bathrooms. While no one wants to get ready in a dark bathroom, privacy is still paramount. Once again, since cafe curtains can be used to cover the bottom of a bathroom window, the top half will still allow light to stream through while ensuring that your next door neighbors can’t look directly into the space.

Bathroom with pink walls and a white mirror flanked with pink and white floral upholstered sconces next to a window with matching pink and white floral rod pocket cafe curtains


Use Cafe Curtains Instead of Cabinet Doors

Joyner also enjoys going beyond the obvious when incorporating cafe curtains into your space. For example, the designer likes to utilize cafe curtains in lieu of cabinet doors. “They work well when you have an area that needs to be broken up from a wall of wood and needs a bit of softening,” she says. Shani Core, the founder of Shani Core Interiors, appreciates this approach, too. “Not only are you able to incorporate additional pattern and texture from the fabric you choose, but you’ll likely save money as well by foregoing traditional cabinetry materials,” she says.


Install Cafe Curtains Under the Sink

Joyner also suggests using cafe curtains under the sink, whether in the kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room, noting, “It adds a texture and makes access to what’s under there easy.”


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