Top 10 Ways To Incorporate Chinoiserie Pillows Into Your Home

Bed with grey cat styled with a Lavender Botanical Ikat Custom Pillow and a Sage Green Botanical Ikat Custom Pillow next to a Sage Green Botanical Ikat Custom Curtain

One of our favorite ways to liven up a room is with small details. It truly is the little things that matter, and interior design is no exception. Whether it’s an intentionally placed pillow on your couch or a small area rug in your bedroom, these intricate elements can bring a space together. 

Of all the small ways you can spruce up your space, pillows are one of our favorites. They’re easy to add to any room, have an opportunity for customization, and can be swapped out with the seasons. Any living or sleeping space can benefit from this simple addition.

One trend we’ve been loving lately is chinoiserie pillows. These intricate yet elegant designs liven up any space and add art to your home with the simple addition of pillows. We’ve created a guide that covers the top 10 ways to incorporate chinoiserie pillows into your home so that you have some effortless inspiration for sprucing up your space!

What Are Chinoiserie Pillows?

Before we get into the ins and outs of how to style your home with chinoiserie pillows, let’s talk a bit about what chinoiserie is! Chinoiserie is a type of Roccoco style that was popularized by the French. This style is meant to represent and embody the artistic style of Chinese artists at the time. This became popular in the mid-to-late 17th century.

Today, chinoiserie has evolved into something evocative of its former self but more representative of a modern audience. After a revival of this style in the 1900s, chinoiserie has persisted as an aesthetic in all types of design, especially decor.

While the history of chinoiserie is rich and fascinating, implementing this artistic style in your modern home decor is equally rewarding. Chinoiserie art is defined by wide natural landscapes, exotic animals, and designs that look to be created by sweeping brush strokes. You can find home decor, such as fabrics and pillows, that evoke this nostalgia for a beautiful and unique addition to your home today.

10 Ways To Elevate Your Home Decor With Chinoiserie Pillows

While there are so many fantastic ways you can spruce up your home with chinoiserie pillows today, we’ve come up with a comprehensive list of our ten favorite ways to elevate your home decor with these gorgeous pillows.

1. Liven Up Armchairs

Living room styled with two set of Botanical Ikat Custom curtains with golden frame displaying a painted landscape and a Botanical Ikat Custom Pillow and Fern Green Velvet Custom Pillow on armchair below

A chinoiserie pillow is a perfect way to bring a bit of life to an armchair. Armchairs are a must for any living room but can also be used in other areas of the house, such as cozy reading nooks or comfortable resting spaces in home offices.

Adding a throw pillow to your armchair is a bold way to add contrasting colors or bring complementary patterns into your living space. A chinoiserie pillow is an elegant and simple way to spruce up your armchair.

Pepper Home’s custom pillows have a variety of piping and fabrication options, so you can create the perfect pillow for your existing furniture. Our pillow size guide can help you choose a pillow that fits your armchair, bed, or sofa, and all of our pillows are sustainably made within the U.S. They’ll ship to you within seven business days of your purchase, so you can enjoy your custom pillows quickly and easily.

2. Add Color and Texture to the Nursery

Chinoiserie pillows are perfect for the modern nursery. The animal, nature, and floral themes are a whimsical way to decorate a little one’s new home. They evoke the childlike wonder that comes with joining the big wide world and can come in beautiful pastels that meld effortlessly with the light and bright style of a nursery.

3. Make a Bench in Your Foyer More Inviting

Benches are such an underutilized furnishing, but one of the most important. They’re the perfect way to add optimal seating space to a room without taking up too much physical space. 

However, benches sometimes lack the comfort that comes with a plush sofa or armchair. One way to fix this? Use a chinoiserie pillow for added comfort and a beautiful design!

4. Complete the Look of Your Living Room Couches

Living room corner with white couch styled with a Botanical Ikat custom pillow and a Fern Green Velvet Custom Pillow next to an illuminated window with Botanical Ikat custom curtains

One of the most important furnishings in a living room is your sofa. Couches are the perfect place for family and friends to convene to chat and spend quality time together. With that being said, they’re also a huge part of the interior design of your living room, being such a large furniture piece. 

You can bring your style to the next level by including some intricately patterned chinoiserie pillows! 

The little details add interesting layers to a sofa, and the patterns are especially eye-catching if your sofa is of a solid color. Try layering chinoiserie pillows with other solid-colored pillows for added comfort.

5. Make Your Breakfast Nook More Cozy

Breakfast nooks are such a fun and cozy way to start your day! There are so many different ways you can style your breakfast nook, whether that is with a cozy bay window and a breakfast tray or a small table near a comfy chair. 

You can up your breakfast nook's comfort and style with the addition of chinoiserie pillows. They’re a fantastic addition to your bay window, your chair, or even your dining room chairs. 

6. Give Your Bed a Unique Look

Adding chinoiserie pillows to your bed is the perfect way to give your bedding a unique and eye-catching style. These intricate pillows add both color and sweeping patterns to the cozy place where you rest and reset. 

Layering a patterned chinoiserie pillow over solid-color pillows in your bedding is the perfect way to bring this style into your bedroom.

7. Add a Touch of Color to Your Kids’ Bedrooms

Much like with a nursery, chinoiserie pillows are a fantastic way to add an exciting and exotic element to a child’s bedroom. Your kids will love the colors and sweeping brushstrokes found in chinoiserie pillows, as well as the fun natural and animal elements found in this style of pillow. 

Chinoiserie pillows are especially perfect for children’s rooms with a nature theme. You can find so many variations of natural elements in chinoiserie designs, and with the ease of customization and coordination with Pepper Home, you should have no problem completing this outdoor-themed space.

Our style guides can help you plan the ideal bedroom theme for your space, while our complimentary design assistance is available for personalized advice no matter how large or small your project. Simply send us your information, and one of our in-house experts will be in touch within three days with a response. 

8. Match With Custom Wallpaper

If you know us, you know we love to match different elements of our space through customization. What better way to match your custom chinoiserie wallpaper than with added accents throughout the room using matching custom chinoiserie pillows? 

At Pepper Home, we’ve gone a step further to make this process as easy and convenient as possible. When you browse custom wallpaper, you can view the perfect pairs our in-house design experts have curated for you. Just scroll to the bottom of a wallpaper’s webpage to view these perfect little additions.

Our wallpaper calculator is available to help you purchase the perfect amount of wallpaper to fill your space while keeping the pattern seamless. Meanwhile, our wallpaper paint guide is here to ensure that your wallpaper matches beautifully with your existing wall colors. Ordering swatches can also help you visualize your new wallpaper in your home.

9. Match With Custom Curtains

Interior design moodboard and fabric inspirations with Coral Velvet custom swatch, Pink Chinoiserie custom cotton swatch, Cream Chinoiserie custom Swatch, Fern Velvet swatch, Lavender Floral custom swatch, and Green Floral custom cotton swatch

In the same vein, you can match your custom chinoiserie pillows with custom curtains or vice versa. One of our favorite ways to bring a room together is with matching fabrics. 

Having a large statement piece of fabric in a room through curtains is a perfect basis, and adding smaller details of the same matching custom fabric throughout the room helps to tie a room together and bring out small pops of color.

Our custom curtains include plenty of construction options, including tailored pleat, grommet, pinch pleat, rod pocket, and ring top, in addition to many trim options such as pom pom, tassel, rick rack, and band so that you can create the curtains of your dreams with ease. 

Our curtain calculator and curtain measurement and installment guide are also here to make the process as simple as possible.

10. Match With Custom Table Linens

Table linens serve a few different purposes in your dining room. Not only do they work functionally to keep hands and surfaces clean, but they also are the perfect way to add a pop of design to your dining table.

Matching your chinoiserie pillows with custom table linens is also a fantastic way to bring a room together, especially when you are using chinoiserie pillows to add design to a breakfast nook. 

However, it’s also a fabulous way to bring a home together. Chinoiserie pillows in the living room with matching table linen in the dining area will bring this detailed design element from one room to another, helping your home to flow effortlessly.

Your One-Stop Shop for Custom Chinoiserie Pillows

Small details are one of the most perfect ways to spruce up your living space. They’re also one of the most effortless ways as well! Toss a custom pillow onto your favorite armchair or your family’s living room sofa, and you’ve immediately added comfort and style to this space.

One of our favorite styles of custom pillows is chinoiserie pillows. The elegant designs, beautiful pastels, and sweeping brushstrokes bring nostalgia for this french rococo style of art but with a modern twist. 

With our guide on the best ideas for bringing chinoiserie pillows into your home, we hope we leave you feeling inspired and ready to bring art to your living space.


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