How To Decorate Nursery Walls Without Painting

How To Decorate Nursery Walls Without Painting

Our little ones often go through many phases as they grow up. Using wall décor to match each season of our kids’ childhoods is a fun way to style your home without the hassle and mess of constant repainting. 

It’s always a wise idea to learn about alternative ways to decorate a nursery wall without having to paint them consistently

How Do You Decorate Your Nursery Walls Without Painting?

While repainting your interior can be a great way to change your space’s overall aesthetic, painting requires a lot of preparation and equipment. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to transform your home by adding wallpaper and decor instead of committing to a larger painting project. 

Make Use of Custom Wallpaper

How To Decorate Nursery Walls Without Painting

Nothing is as straightforward and simple as putting up stylish new wallpaper. Not only can new wallpaper completely change your room’s theme and feeling, but there’s also always a custom wallpaper out there to match your changing needs. Whether your child is newly in love with florals or looking for something simple, there’s a custom wallpaper ready for you. 

If you intend to decorate your nursery walls with plenty of artwork and shelving, we suggest opting for a more minimal wallpaper. This will allow your wallpaper to serve as a backdrop for your additional wall decor without being overwhelming unless, of course, you’re trying to embrace maximalist styling. 

You can also use wallpaper to create a custom statement wall in your nursery. Three solid-colored walls and one feature wall made with custom wallpaper is an easy yet elegant addition to your nursery decorations.

Additions like rick rack, tassels, pom poms, and bands can add that finishing touch to tie your nursery together, creating a cohesive design that stands the test of time.

Install Custom Window Curtains

Window curtains can be an eye-catching design element when you enter a room. Putting up new curtains is easy with Pepper Home’s Curtain Measurement and Installment Guide, so changing your nursery’s decor can be as effortless as swapping out old curtains for new ones.

Window curtains are not only a large piece of wall decor, but they are also a functional tool to ensure your little one gets a healthy night of sleep. We recommend blackout curtains for nurseries and bedrooms to create total darkness that promotes a full night of sleep, while privacy curtains that allow some light to leak through are perfect for living spaces like kitchens and foyers.

How Do You Pick Custom Nursery Wallpaper?

Choosing to redecorate your nursery using wallpaper is easy; choosing which wallpaper you’ll use can be trickier. There are so many wonderful options, and narrowing them down can feel overwhelming. Thankfully, Pepper Home has many resources that can help you make your final pick.

Get Design Inspiration From Experts

Seeking out design assistance from experts is one of the best ways you can choose your custom wallpaper and feel confident in your decision.

For individualized assistance, Pepper Home offers Complimentary Design Assistance for projects big and small. Our in-house design experts will review the information you provide and give you personalized design advice within two business days.

Another way to find expert information is through Pepper Home’s Style Guide resources. No matter which theme or color story you’re creating, we have collections at the ready to help you visualize your dream nursery with your little one. 

If you decide you want an even larger room refresh, our Spice Market has recommended furniture, lighting, and smaller decor items tailored to your needs, whether that’s specific colors, holidays, or age ranges.

Finally, our wallpaper paint guide can help you choose a wallpaper that perfectly pairs with your existing wall color without the risk of clashing. By using our wallpaper swatches during your selection journey as well, you can see how well your wallpaper and paint really match in person to avoid any surprises. 

Use a Wallpaper Calculator

Design and color aren’t the only important elements to consider when picking out custom wallpaper. You also want to make sure you have enough to cover your space while keeping the pattern seamless.

A simple and effortless way to guarantee you order the right amount is by using our custom wallpaper calculator. Just enter the dimensions of your room, and the calculator does all the work for you! When in doubt, look to our Wallpaper FAQ to have all of your wallpaper-related questions answered in no time at all. 

Match Your Wallpaper With Custom Throw Pillows

How To Decorate Nursery Walls Without Painting

Using small features throughout your room to accent your wallpaper is always a good move. One simple and easy way to do this is by using custom throw pillows throughout your nursery. 

When browsing our wallpapers, you can even check out the perfect pairs portion of our website to find hand-selected pillows that look stunning with each wallpaper print.

How Do You Pick Custom Nursery Curtains

Now that we’ve discussed the ins and outs of custom wallpapers, let's talk a bit more about an equally important piece of wall decor: curtains. 

Picking out the perfect curtains for your nursery is also a hassle-free process with Pepper Home, and our design resources work just as well for your custom curtains as they do for your custom wallpaper.

Keeping in mind a few rules of thumb, you should be on your way to installing your nursery’s latest curtain addition in no time.

Choose Your Favorite Construction Style

Before you can take a look at which colors and patterns would be right for you, you will want to decide on a curtain construction style. There are five different options you can choose from: rod pocket, pinch pleat, ring top, tailored pleat, and grommet.

Rod pocket is ideal for curtains that won’t be opened and closed often. The other construction styles, however, are easy to open and close, making them ideal for a nursery. Pinch pleat and tailored pleat constructions add a bit of elegance to the top of the curtain. We recommend these styles for solid-colored curtains.

When in doubt, our curtain hardware recommendations page is available to help you make the right choice for your space.

Next, you’ll want to pick out the length of your curtain. Our Curtain Calculator can help you purchase the right size curtain for your desired length and style.

Your curtains can either end right at the floor or puddle for an elegant and dramatic twist. We don’t recommend puddling in areas that will have high foot traffic or exposure to pets and children, so having curtains that are floor length is best for nurseries as your baby grows.

Choose the Right Lining

The next step in choosing your nursery’s curtains is picking out the right lining. We offer two different types of curtain lining. 

Privacy curtains block out about 70% of light, letting a little more trickle into a room. Meanwhile, blackout curtains block out 100% of light, making them completely opaque. Privacy curtains are ideal for rooms in which total darkness isn’t really necessary, such as living rooms and kitchens.

Because blackout curtains block out so much light and also block out some noise as well, we recommend these curtains for rooms meant for sleeping, such as nurseries and bedrooms. 

Pick a Pattern That Matches the Nursery’s Look and Feel

Lastly, you’re going to want to choose the right pattern for your curtain. Just like with any other furnishing, this can depend on the other elements in your room. If you have a more minimal nursery design, you can add a pop of color and an interesting pattern through your curtains to spruce things up. 

If you already have different patterns, you may want to opt for a subtle curtain to tone down the feel of the space.

Many families are opting for neutral tones in their nurseries. Evoking natural elements, Tans, whites, and wooden tones are common themes we find in modern nurseries. A neutral curtain pairs well with a pop of color from smaller elements in the room, like throw blankets and throw pillows. 

It’s also important to remember that this is a space for your little one to sleep. Keeping in mind mellow colors and patterns that promote sleep is essential when picking out your curtains. After all, they will be a large feature on your wall once they are closed for a night of sleep.

Just Add Pepper

Painting your walls isn’t the only option when it comes to wall decor. In fact, it’s far from it! There are so many different ways you can spruce up your nursery without having to feel like you’re doing a complete remodel. This is especially useful as your little one ages and tastes begin to form and change.

Wallpaper is a fantastic way to step up your wall game without the hassle of painting. You can opt for something simple and subtle or even create a fun and colorful statement wall when picking out the right wallpaper for your nursery.

Curtains are another easy and functional furnishing that can be used as wall decor, and Pepper Home’s custom curtains and pillows are both produced sustainably in the U.S. Best of all, they ship to you in seven days or less, so you can enjoy your new decorations in no time at all.


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