Benefits of Using Custom Wallpaper

Benefits of Using Custom Wallpaper

When decorating your living room, dining room, or another space in your home, walls matter. Whether you’re upgrading an old space or amping up a new one, walls are one of the most important aspects you focus on. 

While you can add or take away furniture and decor in any room, the walls will always be there. That’s one reason they play such a vital role in pulling the style of a room together.

Your walls are a blank canvas for you to add color and patterns. One fantastic way that you can do this is through the wallpaper. Customizing your wallpaper to cater to the rest of your decor is one of the best ways to approach remodeling (or simply upgrading) your home.

5 Reasons To Choose High-Quality Custom Wallpaper

It’s important that your wallpaper is high-quality, as it is such a powerful focal point in any room. Great-quality non-removable wallpaper is long-lasting, durable, and protects your walls.

1. Find the Perfect Wallpaper Design for Your Home Decor

Benefits of Using Custom Wallpaper

Matching your wallpaper to your home decor is an important part of the process when picking out the perfect custom wallpaper. You want to ask yourself questions like what color scheme you already have in this space and how many patterns you want to incorporate into your room. 

If you choose custom wallpaper, you have the luxury of perfectly matching your walls with the rest of your home's furnishings. That way, you ensure that the colors compliment your decor and the patterns overlap well together.

For a space that is already relatively minimal, we recommend adding a fun or retro pattern to brighten up the room. You can achieve this through a removablewall mural or wallcovering, but installing your own wallpaper is arguably a better option. 

However, if you’ve already got a lot of colors, patterns, or textures going on, something more muted may be the best choice. As we mentioned, your walls are ever-present, but you get to choose if they are the star of the show or a humble backdrop.

2. Choose From Countless Designs and Patterns

Another perk of custom wallpaper is how many choices you’re presented with. With countless designs and patterns — from bold and intricate to soft and subtle — you have endless options for your home. 

If you want to incorporate something soothing for the bedroom or nursery wallpaper, you’ve got plenty of opportunities to choose a wallpaper made up of calming colors like blues and grays with a matte finish. 

If you want something that stimulates the mind, you can choose a custom wallpaper made of warmer and more energetic colors like yellows, pinks, and pastels.

3. Decorate With Eco-Friendly Materials

While you want to feel good about how your custom wallpaper looks, we also know it’s so important to feel good about how it is sourced. 

That’s why our wallpapers are digitally printed in Connecticut with water-based inks on eco-friendly clay-coated paper. You can rest easy knowing your decor helps you and your family along with the planet. 

Sustainably made in the USA — it doesn’t get much better than that.

4. Get Tips From Custom Design Experts

There are so many sources for design expertise in the era of the internet. Tutorial videos and FAQ pages abound, and inspiration from social media is always available. 

But sometimes, personalized, real-life design help is what you’re looking for. That’s why we offer up in-house design expertise.

When you use our custom wallpaper, you also have our custom design help. Never hesitate to reach out for complimentary design assistance. Our design experts are ready to help you pick out and implement the perfect customized wallpaper. You can even inquire about the varying colors of the many different patterns we offer!

5. Try a Swatch First To Make Sure You Love It

Benefits of Using Custom Wallpaper

Another bonus when utilizing custom wallpaper is that you don’t have to commit before you try a DIY installation. You can order one or many sample swatches to try out around your home and compare with the furnishings your wallpaper will be interacting with. 

This is an easy and affordable way to ensure you pick out the perfect wallpaper for your space. You can add a few swatches to your cart before checkout and receive them within a few business days.

How Do You Choose Custom Wallpaper for Your Home?

1. Choose a Color Palette That Fits Your Home

Color is probably the first thing you’ll want to consider when picking out a suitable custom wallpaper for a space. Do you have bright and light colors throughout your home? 

If so, we’d recommend considering wallpapers with light pastels incorporated throughout. Do you have darker, moodier colors in your current furnishings? If that’s the case, then we’d recommend blues and olive greens for your wallpaper. 

2. Choose a Design That Complements Your Wall Art

Benefits of Using Custom Wallpaper

You have to consider what will be going over your wallpaper, of course. If you have large pieces of wall art, you want wallpaper that compliments them and isn’t too distracting. For those instances, we recommend lighter patterns and more muted colors.

However, if you’re more of a maximalist, you can create a gorgeous gallery wall. Adding a patterned wallpaper to a gallery wall gives it a vintage-inspired feel, especially if you incorporate elements such as old ornate frames and shadowboxes. With the rise in popularity of cottage-core, this is a cute and trendy way to style your room.

Choose items from our Spice Market to find cohesive furniture and accent pieces that pair perfectly with your custom wallpaper.

You can consider additions like custom curtains as well. We highly recommend pairing your curtains with your wallpaper. This will help bring the style of your room together, and it’s so easy to do! 

Just check out our perfect pairs on each product page when browsing wallpaper options to see the curtains we’ve curated for you, or create your own custom design with ease.

3. Pay Attention to Customer Reviews

Be sure to pay attention to customer reviews. It’s always a good idea to see what others are saying about wallpaper. Reviews will have real-life advice from others just like you, and reading what they have to say will help you make an informed and confident decision when ordering your custom wallpaper. 

For example, if the wallpaper is “paste to the wall” like ours, customer reviews are a helpful resource to see what steps others have taken when installing their wallpaper. Any tips that others have to give will help you feel assured when ordering new custom wallpaper for your home.

4. Consult an Interior Design Pro

While reviews from other customers are definitely helpful, we also recommend consulting a design expert, especially when making big decisions. There are many resources for gaining design expertise online, like Pepper Home’s thoughtfully curated style guides

Of course, you can always reach out to our design experts for complimentary design assistance. We’ve got in-house design experts who are ready and willing to help you in any area of your home renovation.

5. Use a Wallpaper Calculator

Much like with professional design assistance, there are other useful tools at your disposal. We recommend using our wallpaper calculator for down-to-the-inch help in ordering the correctly-sized custom wallpaper. 

Just plug in the information needed (the size of your walls and the location of any windows), and have our calculator do the work for you.

6. Use a Paint Guide for a Cohesive Look 

Another useful tool you can use during this process is our paint guide. We’ve paired the colors used in our wallpaper as well as those that compliment our wallpaper so that it will make paint shopping effortless for you. We highly recommend using this guide when you’re planning to paint other walls, trim, and window sills as well. 

7. Consider Creating a Feature Wall

One of the most popular trends in home design currently is the feature wall. You can absolutely use wallpaper to create a statement wall in your home, and there’s an endless amount of ways you can do this.

One use of wallpaper as a feature wall that we love is painting three walls and having a spunky statement wallpaper applied on your fourth. This is eye-catching and also allows you to incorporate solid colors in your room. 

You can also have mirroring walls, which is when two opposite-facing walls are painted or blank while the other two have matching wallpaper.

If you’re decorating your kitchen, wallpaper makes for an excellent feature as a backsplash. For a nursery, we recommend you make a statement wall that differs from the rest but also incorporates happy colors for your little one. 

Just Add Pepper

Customizing your wallpaper to fit your home perfectly is a vital way to personalize your home. Picking out the right colors for your space, measuring walls, and matching other furnishings are all important parts of this process. 

We wanted to share with you not only the benefits of custom wallpaper but also the process of picking out the perfect custom wallpaper. Your wallpaper will be shipped to you in just four weeks, making it easier than ever to create a space that is uniquely you. With this guide, you’ll be fully equipped for your next room renovation.


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