Designers’ Shower Curtain Styling Picks

close up of light green cotton shower curtain with white pom pom trim hanging on a rod next to a window with a pink and cream floral shade

Our custom shower curtains are the perfect way to give your bathroom an instant upgrade. We have offerings designed to fit standard showers, extra tall showers, extra wide showers, and extra tall and wide showers—be sure to read through our measuring instructions to ensure you’re ordering the best option for your individual space. You can also choose to customize our curtains with trim on the sides, bottom, or sides and bottom. For our answers to more shower curtain FAQs, don’t miss this post.

We asked interior designers to share with us some of their favorite shower curtain and wallpaper pairings so that you can draw inspiration from their picks as you decorate your own bathroom. Read on for their suggestions below!

If you love one particular pattern, why not opt for a monochrome look of sorts? Try pairing the Emma Sky custom shower curtain alongside the Emma Sky wallpaper “to give a seamless look from wall to curtain,” suggests interior designer Lonni Paul. Doing so results in more than just a bold, stylish statement. “Using the same pattern on both wall and curtain will give the illusion of a larger room,” Paul says. “Add crisp white towels and the look is complete."

Interior design moodboard with sky blue botanical clay coated wallpaper paired with a sky blue botanical custom shower curtain

Add some whimsy to the bathroom! Pair the Flour custom shower curtain with the Emma Lavender clay colored wallpaper. “The organic patterns on the wallpaper, coupled with its soothing hue, effortlessly radiate a modern, fresh, and calming aura,” says Lynn Stone, the founder of Hunter Carson Design. “The attention-grabbing lilac pom-pom detail on the textured shower curtain adds a striking element, ensuring it stands out in any bathroom.”

Interior design moodboard with lavender botanical clay coated wallpaper paired with a natural white shower curtain and purple pom pom trim

Use the bathroom as an opportunity to experiment with statement making prints. Genevieve Lake, the founder of Love Lake Studio, loves to use performance wallpapers in the bathroom and recommends pairing the Thatcher Midnight performance wallpaper along with the Poppy Blue custom shower curtain. “The curtain’s contrasting navy zigzag trim ties in with the center blue floral motif of the paper and really makes it pop,” Lake says. “The prints on both share a similar colorway, so they layer well and complement each other.”

Interior design moodboard with art deco palm performance wallpaper paired with a blue and white custom shower curtain


Love the color blue? Opt for our Lee clay coated wallpaper and Ginger Sky custom shower curtain, says Sara Hillery, the founder of Sara Hillery Interior Design. “These two patterns could be fitting for both a children’s and adult’s space depending on the details of the room,” the designer notes. She appreciates the way in which the cornflower blue and green of the floral wallpaper contrasts with the geometric pattern of the Ginger Sky shower curtain.

Interior design moodboard with blue and green floral wallpaper paired with plaid sky blue custom shower curtain


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