Gretchen Rose's Home Office Revamp

Woman sitting on a brown and green patterned chair in front of coastal inspired green and blue curtain panels

Kentucky-based design, Gretchen Rose, recently revamped her home office using our Serena Sea Salt curtains. Follow along to learn more about her design decisions and tips on mixing old and new!


First off, tell us a little bit about yourself!

I’m a Kentucky girl with a passion for interior design. My design style reflects my traditional southern roots. I spent a good part of my youth working with horses, so I love to add a little bit of equestrian touch when I can!


What was the design vision for your office?

I wanted to create a beautiful space to work in that was both functional and inspiring- incorporating classic elements as well as a few of my favorite pieces that I have collected over the years (you know, so I could stare at them all day)!

Large vintage mirror leaning on a wall in an office styled with coastal inspired green and blue curtains, white walls and blue painted wainscoting, and a wooden desk


What drew you to our Serena Sea Salt curtains?

I am drawn to blues and greens- they are colors found in nature and therefore inherently work together well. I feel like the Serena Sea Salt curtains had this color combo, AND a fun pattern that would play well with the organic tree pattern of the wallpaper. The tailored pleat and sky velvet band were the icing on the cake. It’s all about the details!

Close up of coastal inspired green and blue curtains


Do you have any tips for mixing old and new decor?

It can be tricky to strike a balance of old and new- too much old and it looks like a booth at an antique mall (which I would undoubtedly still love), too much new can read cold and void of character. Adding antiques/vintage pieces to a space is a great way to add immediate depth and personality! My tip is to be careful about following design rules, especially when it comes to adding in vintage/antique. If you fall in love with a piece, you can almost always make it work! One example for this room is the rug- if I could weave the exact same rug a foot or two wider, that would be great. Unfortunately, that is just not realistic when it comes to old things - they are usually one of a kind! Consider thinking outside the box (the “box” being “design rules”). Trends change. Rules change. Do what feels authentically YOU, even if that means breaking a rule or two!

Brown and green patterned chair in front of coastal inspired green and blue curtain panels styled with a wooden stool and burgundy and pink flowers


We love everything about this room! Can you tell us about some of the other design elements in the space?

I wanted the room to feel a little reminiscent of the “old world”, if that makes sense! This space honestly started coming to life once the curtains and wallpaper were selected. The patterns play so well together against the rich blue paint (Normandy by BM). I have so many of my favorite vintage finds in here now, including the antique rug, antique french pier mirror, vintage hutch, and french tapestry (items I already had, but found their forever home in this room). It took me several months to get to this point- you can’t always rush thoughtful design. Overall, the space makes me feel happy and inspired, which is exactly what I wanted!


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Coastal inspired green and blue custom curtain hanging on window in room with white walls and green chair