Table Talk with Blaire Rogers

Floral navy and white curtains hanging on window in a living room with a brunette woman standing in front touching them

Meet Blaire Rogers, the Florida-based blogger with a keen eye for interior design, who recently upgraded her home with two sets of Pepper curtains! She swapped out out her old white curtains for Penelope Midnight, bringing some pattern into her living room. But the makeover didn't stop there; she also added a whimsical touch to her daughter's bedroom with Snow curtains trimmed with powder pom poms. Follow along to learn about her design decisions! 


First off, tell us a little bit about yourself!

Hi! I’m Blaire Rogers and I’m a wife, mother to 3 and content creator for TexaFlora from North Palm Beach, FL. My page is a combination of fashion, lifestyle, motherhood and hopefully a source of encouragement to women in similar stages of life. I strive to be as authentic as I possibly can with a digital screen separating myself from my audience. I imagine myself sitting down over coffee with the ladies who follow my page and I hope that is what they feel, too. I’m originally from a small town in east Texas and am grateful for the simple upbringing I had that gave me a good perspective on what really matters most in life. Raising my children in an idyllic location like Palm Beach truly feels like a “pinch me” moment a lot of days but I hope more than anything else I’m still able to instill those same valuable principles I had through a simple and slow paced life.


What drew you to Penelope Midnight for your living room space?

My home is mostly filled with neutral shades with a lot of blue accents and I wanted to incorporate that color scheme into the space. Our home is very open, with one space flowing into the next and so the curtains really tie in a multitude of spaces that share those shades of blue.  

Close up of floral navy and white curtain hanging on a rod in front of a window next to a large green plant


What was the design vision for your daughter's bedroom?

I really wanted to bring my daughter into the design process of her room since she definitely has an opinion at 8 years old, but also steer her in a way that was tasteful without sacrificing her desires. We knew pink would be the main color (wall colors is Pensacola Pink by Benjamin Moore) and then the floral rug was the next selection. We found all the furniture and bedding via Pottery Barn kids and she really enjoying going into the store and selecting the pieces herself.  

Pink painted bedroom with a white wooden bed and pink bed sheets paired with white curtains hanging on a rod in front of a window with light blue pom pom trim


We love how you added a powder pom pom trim to the Snow curtains! How did you land on the pop of blue?

I love the pom pom trim so much! Such a whimsical addition that tied in perfectly with one of the shades in the floral rug! We debating a purple trim but I felt the powder would grow better with her and the room if we decided to change anything.  

Woman wearing a white sweater and jeans standing and touching a white curtain with light blue pom pom trim in front of a window


Do you have any tips for designing a space your child won't outgrow?

Invest in quality furniture that can be used in a variety of design styles. We chose pretty neutral pieces for the furniture that can compliment a more inexpensive change like a bedding refresh or paint color change. I hope she can keep these pieces until she graduates and possibly even carry them to college with her!

Pink painted bedroom with a white wooden bed and pink bed sheets paired with white curtains hanging on a rod in front of a window with light blue pom pom trim


How did you decide on pinch pleat construction for both spaces?

I almost always choose pinch pleat for my curtains because I feel it looks so elevated and polished! I also love the volume it adds for a little more drama! 

Woman in a red and white dress standing in front of and touching floral navy and white curtains hanging on a window in a living room with gray and white walls


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