Using Embroidery Throughout the Home and Beyond


Sage green pillow embroidered with CDJ on a white boucle chair in a green room

Our embroidered pillows have officially launched, and it’s time to get styling! Belo are some of our favorite ways to incorporate these pillows all throughout the home. We’re also sharing some of our top picks for customization options, whether you’re looking to go the classic route or embrace the unexpected.


Different Ways To Use Embroidery

Embroidered pillows are perfect for nurseries and kids’ rooms. Customize a pillow with your little one’s name, nickname, monogram, or birth date. Pillows like these make for special keepsakes that will grow with your child for years to come.  

green tiger chair with a moss green geometric patterned pillow embroidered with "Henry" next to a white crib



We’re of the belief that you can never have too many pillows in the bedroom! Embroidered pillows will add a polished touch to any bed, accent chair, or settee. You can either go for a sleep-specific phrase, such as, “In Your Dreams,” “Sweet Dreams,” “Counting Sheep,” or “ZZZ” or opt for a more traditional monogram.

white bolster pillow on a bed embroidered with "in your dreams" paired with red and blue patterned pillows in a blue painted room


Giving Embroidered Pillows as Gifts

With the holidays coming up, present your loved ones with gifts that offer a personal touch. Our embroidered pillows make thoughtful gifts for all kinds of friends and family members. Newlyweds will enjoy receiving a pillow embroidered with their wedding date, while new parents (of little ones and furry friends!) will appreciate pillows bearing the name or initials of their bundle of joy or new pup. Not sure what to give the grandparents? Present them with a pillow featuring their special nickname or the first initials of all of their grandchildren.  

Pink Chinoiserie Tiger pillow embroidered with "dog mom" paired with a light green pillow on a blue couch next to a dog


Other Areas Throughout The Home

Embroidered pillows can shine in many other rooms of the home beyond the spaces mentioned above. Below are a few additional spots where designers suggest using embroidered pillows—along with some of their favorite phrases!

In the kitchen: Who says your kitchen has to be devoid of decor? Designer Megan Pisano loves the idea of placing a pillow reading, “But First Coffee” on the dining bench. 

In the ladies lounge: You’ve heard of a man cave, but have you thought to create your very own ladies lounge? Designer Taylor Fusco suggests carving out space to gather with girlfriends and jazzing this room up with all kinds of embroidered pillows with playful sayings. “This is such a fun way to incorporate something that may not fit your usual decor,” she says.  

In the home office: You spend the hours of 9 to 5 sitting in this space, so you may as well make it feel special! Opt for a cheeky phrase or even your company name, suggests designer Jocelyn Polce. 

green floral pillow embroidered with "M & W" on green velvet couch in a green room

In the home gym or meditation room: If you have a home gym or meditation space, place an embroidered pillow on an accent chair or bench and use it to set the mood. When designing a meditation spot, in the case of a meditation spot, “Create serene and tranquil designs to set the mood for relaxation and mindfulness,” suggests designer Payal Bansal

In the entryway: Designer Anais Chaumien likes the idea of placing an embroidered pillow front and center in the entryway of your home. Customize it with a simple phrase such as “Welcome” or even with your address numbers or zip code.  

In the guest room: “Imagine your guests' delight as they enter a guest room where their initials or a thoughtfully chosen message graces a selection of plush pillows,” comments designer Mahsa Afsharpour. Once again, this space is a great area to use the phrase “Welcome” or even display a pillow bearing the name of your city.

Sage green cotton bolster pillow on bed styled with green floral patterned euro shams and accent pillows


Feeling inspired? Create your custom embroidered pillow here!