Table Talk With Devon Liedtke

Blonde woman wearing a white shirt sitting on a stool in front of a white console table styled with gold lamp and orchid

Devon Liedtke is a mother, designer, and co-founder of Palomo & Co, a Houston-based concept store home to unique finds from across the globe. We're constantly inspired by her tabletop picks and her own home styling. We loved getting the chance to chat with Devon about her background, styling tips, and of course, pillows! Follow along to learn more!


Tell us a little bit about yourself!

In a nutshell! Mom of 3, CPA turned designer, entrepreneur.


What inspired you and Paloma Contreras to open Paloma & Co in 2019?

Friends with a love for design, we wanted to bring things we loved to the public. It’s been an inspiring ride and we have learned so much about business and, perhaps more importantly, friendship along the way.

blonde woman standing a brunette woman sitting in front of a black dresser styled with blue vases and colorful artwork hanging behind


How did your time studying design abroad influence your style and aesthetic?

It was absolutely transformative influencing my tastes from interiors to fashion. There is something about going and studying a subject you are truly passionate about after college- it made the experience all the more meaningful.


What does your home say about you?

It will tell you that I love art! (And, when you step on a puzzle piece, it will also scream three kids live here!)

Photo of a blonde woman sitting on a white and rattan bed with her two daughters styled with pink floral pillows and a photo of an interior design book open on a marble table next to a sun hat and hydrangeas


Walk us through how you styled your girls’ room!

When I found out I was pregnant with my girls, I started thinking of their nursery immediately. The vintage Gracie panels behind their beds were the impetus, and set the tone for the room. I pulled all the colors from their new Pepper Home pillows from them!  

Close up of pink floral pillows styled with pink geometic pillows on a bed with a stuffed animal


Do you stick to any design rules when mixing and matching patterns?

I like to mix different size patterns. Here the Eden pattern is busier and the Loomi is more simple. I like how they compliment each other in the Elle and Liv’s room.


What design advice do you have for first time home buyers?

For my first home, I shopped at thrift stores, used hand me downs, and did a lot of DIY projects. I actually miss those days! I would spend Friday night spray painting patio furniture, if that tells you anything! As for advice, I would tell people to save their money until they have a better idea of their style. Use your first home to experiment, have fun, and figure that out!


What tips do you have for transitioning your home from season to season?

I like to keep things neutral year round and change seasonally with natural elements. For example, since it is now winter, I am starting to incorporate paperwhites and pine in my decor.